Visual VM in JDK 9 and Beyond

November 10, 2016 | 1 minute read
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro
Senior Director of Product Management
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Visual VM is a tool that provides information about code running on a Java Virtual Machine.  It was provided with Oracle JDK 6, Oracle JDK 7, and Oracle JDK 8.

More information about Visual VM can be found on the NetBeans Profiler and Visual VM blog:

Starting with JDK 9, Visual VM will not be included with Oracle JDK. Developers who would like to use Visual VM with Oracle JDK 9 or later can get it from the Visual VM open source project site.

Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro

Senior Director of Product Management

Aurelio has been involved in the development of the JDK since JDK 7.  He is a frequent presenter at JavaOne, Oracle Code One, and with Java User Groups and Oracle Customers.  Aurelio's role includes making sure that Java users, within and outside of Oracle, are well informed of changes as well as to present the most relevant features and enhancements in upcoming releases. He has received a JavaOne Rock Star Award.

Aurelio joined Oracle in 2010 through the Sun Microsystems acquisition. 

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