Oracle joins Micronaut Foundation as Engineering Partner

September 28, 2022 | 2 minute read
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As a significant contributor of development resources to the open source Micronaut® framework, Oracle is proud to announce that it has joined the newly-launched Micronaut® Foundation Engineering Partner program.

Since 2020, Oracle has been an active contributor to the Micronaut framework as it continues to evolve to meet the needs of developers building modern, high-performance cloud-native applications and services. Oracle’s participation as an Engineering Partner recognizes its many contributions to the core Micronaut framework and enhancements to key areas like open telemetry, database access, and test resources, as well as new features like Micronaut AOT and Micronaut Serialization.

"Micronaut has been a leader in bringing Java to the cloud. Micronaut identified build-time processing as a key technique required for the cloud, and has been consistently pushing the limit on bringing the features Java developers love into a build-time environment. For that reason, GraalVM and Micronaut are a natural partnership to make developers productive with Java in the cloud."

—Eric Sedlar, Vice President and Technical Director of Oracle Labs

The Micronaut framework’s elimination of runtime reflection, fast startup time, and low memory requirements make it an ideal choice when compiling applications into native executables with GraalVM Native Image for deployment on cloud, in container, or as serverless functions. As an Engineering Partner, Oracle will continue to focus on expanding Micronaut’s ability to easily leverage cloud platform services to build truly cloud-native applications deployable on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other cloud platforms.

The future of Micronaut is bright, and Oracle is proud to be working with the Micronaut Foundation and members to make it even brighter.


Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith leads product management of Oracle Lab's GraalVM.

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