Announcing Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22

March 19, 2024 | 2 minute read
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Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22, and getting started is easier than ever!

Along with performance, stability and feature updates, Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22 includes support for many JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEP), including preview enhancements. The table below summarizes JDK 22 JEP support when using the Graal JIT on the JVM and when using GraalVM Native Image ahead-of-time compilation.

GraalVM for JDK 22 JEP Availability

Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22 is not a long-term support (LTS) release, therefore it will receive updates only until it is superseded in six months by Oracle GraalVM for JDK 23. Oracle GraalVM for JDK 21 (released on September 19, 2023) is the most recent LTS release.

Getting Started

Over the last few releases, getting started with Oracle GraalVM has become easier as it is available through more and more popular developer-friendly channels including:

  • The Java and GraalVM downloads page where you can get the latest releases for all supported platforms.
  • Script friendly URLs for direct download making it easy to include Oracle GraalVM in your CI/CD pipelines.
  • SDKMAN!—possibly the most popular way to install a JDK on your development machine.
  • GitHub Actions for use in your GitHub hosted CI/CD builds
  • Container images from the Oracle Container Registry for both running Java applications and compiling applications ahead-of-time with GraalVM Native Image.
  • Paketo Buildpacks, a Docker based build system popular with Spring developers and some cloud platforms.
  • Linux yum package manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VM instances.

Regardless of how you install or use Oracle GraalVM, you can take advantage of all the latest available final and preview features.

Learn More

For technical details on the Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22 release, checkout the developer blog, the release notes, and the documentation.

To stay informed on the latest news you can follow GraalVM on X(Twitter) and LinkedIn.


Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith leads product management of Oracle Lab's GraalVM.

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