Oracle Announces Free Java SE Technical Support for Academic Institutions in Oracle Academy

March 26, 2024 | 2 minute read
Donald Smith
Vice President of Product Management
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Oracle is a proud supporter of Java in education. In addition to Java’s role as a cornerstone of computer science education for decades, we continue to contribute to and enable Java curriculum development and programs, provide free online training, and deliver low cost industry certifications.

Additionally, Oracle does not prohibit non-Oracle third party training for Oracle Java. Oracle Java is free for use in training by educators developing, testing, prototyping, and demonstrating Java applications, and Java can be licensed without cost for students’ personal use in conjunction with that training. Educators can always choose the most appropriate versions of Java to suit their needs.

To expand on our commitment to enabling Java in education, today Oracle is pleased to announce that Java is now also included in Oracle Academy resources, including support.  Oracle Academy membership is free and includes a host of additional benefits for educational institutions, their educators, and learners, including:

  • Academic curriculum on a variety of career-relevant technology subjects.
  • Access to My Oracle Support.
  • Access to free resources for teaching and learning including cloud and a wide range of software.
  • Other membership benefits.

Existing Oracle Academy members automatically receive these benefits.  Academic institutions and educators who are not part of Oracle Academy and wish to access these benefits can apply to join. Oracle is pleased to continue to support educators as they prepare their students with technology knowledge and skills to advance in careers across industries.  Educators who do not require these additional benefits can continue to download Java for free as usual.

Donald Smith

Vice President of Product Management

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