Top GraalVM sessions at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

October 8, 2022 | 4 minute read
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Did you know that GraalVM Enterprise has earned the support from popular framework vendors like Spring and Micronaut. The technology improves the build-time processing for modern, high-performance, cloud-native applications. It enables fast startup time and low memory consumption that make it an ideal choice when compiling applications for the cloud, in containers, or as serverless functions. GraalVM Enterprise is a high-performance JDK that speeds up the performance of Java and JVM-based applications. It improves peak throughput and comes with 24x7 Oracle support, all on OCI at no additional cost.

CloudWorld and JavaOne will be starting soon. There are Keynotes, Learning Sessions, Hands-on-labs, and on-demand broadcasts. You can search through the Session Catalog and build your own GraalVM agenda, but I want to highlight a few sessions that will help jumpstart your cloud native project on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). There are several keynotes, including  Mahesh Thiagarajan’s (SVP Security and Developer Platform) presentation; he introduces OCI appdev strategies and roadmap plans that will help developers develop better cloud native applications

Valuable learning sessions

GraalVM is a key component for building and running efficient microservices to lower operations costs. Learn how GraalVM’s Ahead-of-Time Compilation makes it ideal for Containers and Cloud.

How a customer uses GraalVM

The modern car is becoming a big smartphone on wheels. Microdoc builds car solutions for cloud-driven cars by providing Java runtimes for embedded devices. Listen to Microdoc executives explain what motivates car companies to modernize embedded systems and why GraalVM is the best solution to deploy car cloud systems.

Hands-on-labs and jumpstart your GraalVM project

You can get a live experience using Micronaut to build Java Cloud Applications. The lab walks you through the steps to get going with Micronaut and Oracle Cloud, including setting up a database, building a native image, and deploying to a compute instance.

GraalVM Native Image is the basis for building efficient microservices that has earned the support of popular framework vendors like Spring Native, Micronaut, Helidon, and Quarkus. This boot camp provides a practical introduction to GraalVM Native Image ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation. You will see how it works, when to use it, and how to tune and debug applications.

Spring Boot is a very popular developer framework. You can now build Spring applications as native executables and put them in docker containers for stateful microservices in OCI, this workshop 

View sessions on-demand

Organizations have choices on which cloud to run their applications. This on-demand broadcast shows why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the best cloud for deploying Java. You will learn how running on OCI delivers superior Java application performance for organizations looking for flexible and lower costs.

When you decide to build cloud native, you can optimize Java with GraalVM. Find out how packaging microservices into containers as functions or directly on compute instances yields better user experience.


If you are attending Oracle CloudWorld at Las Vegas, bring this guide with you. Scan the QRcode and find sessions more quickly. There are many more  sessions about Java, check out the full list of Java  sessions and build your agenda.

Steve Quan

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