Moving to a Plugin-Free Web

January 27, 2016 | 1 minute read
Dalibor Topic
Principal Product Manager
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By late 2015, many browser vendors have either removed or
announced timelines
for the removal of standards based plugin support, eliminating the ability to
embed Flash, Silverlight, Java and other plugin based technologies.

With modern browser vendors working to restrict and reduce plugin support in
their products, developers of applications that rely on the Java browser plugin
need to consider alternative options such as migrating from Java Applets (which rely on a
browser plugin) to the plugin-free Java Web

Oracle plans to deprecate the Java browser plugin in JDK 9.
This technology will be removed from the Oracle JDK and JRE in a future Java SE

Early Access releases of JDK 9 are available for download and testing at More background and information
about different migration options can be found in this short whitepaper from

Update:  Technical information about the planned deprecation step in JDK 9 can be found in JEP 289 .

Dalibor Topic

Principal Product Manager

Dalibor Topić lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as principal product manager for Oracle. He joined the OpenJDK project in order to help make it a successful open source project, and stayed for anchoring Java in Linux distributions, and as an all around Java F/OSS community guy. Topić joined the Java strategy team at Oracle to help provide community feedback into the long-term strategy planning.

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