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December 22, 2015 | 1 minute read
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Java 9, the next major Java release, will introduce a module system for the Java SE platform and the JDK. As Java 9 work continues, you can learn about the new proposed schedule, version scheme and the latest features. You can also check out early access builds. The new proposed GA date is March 2017. Below are the full proposed milestones for Java 9:

2016/05/26 Feature Complete
2016/08/11 All Tests Run
2016/09/01 Rampdown Start
2016/10/20 Zero Bug Bounce
2016/12/01 Rampdown Phase 2
2017/01/26 Final Release Candidate
2017/03/23 General Availability
In the meantime, early access builds are available for download and testing. You can find bundle downloads that do not require building from source.

Note that Java 9 will have an updated JDK version string scheme. The scheme will highlight minor, major and critical patch update (CPU) releases. The new convention will follow the version string of Major.Minor.Security

Some Java Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) have been placed into the "Proposed to Target"
state by their owners after discussion and review. Those JEPs include:

271: Unified GC Logging
278: Additional Tests for Humongous Objects in G1
279: Improve Test-Failure Troubleshooting
280: Indify String Concatenation

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