JDK Mission Control Core libraries now available on Maven Central

September 1, 2021 | 1 minute read
Sanju Nair
Principal Product Manager, Java Platform Group
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Oracle has made available the JDK Mission Control core libraries on Maven Central. Publishing these libraries to Maven Central is in line with Oracle’s stewardship of Java and our commitment to Open Source.

Maven Central is the repository for over 7 million artifacts, making it the largest and most popular of public repositories.  It is the default repository that the maven client contacts when building a project. The core libraries packaged along with JMC can be used for parsing, processing, and doing automated analysis of Java Flight Recorder (JFR) files. Making these libraries available on Maven Central enables automated project builds for developers creating their own parsing and visualization tools for analyzing JFR recordings. These tools will eventually benefit and strengthen the larger Java community.

The following core libraries are now available in Maven Central:

  • org.openjdk.jmc.common
  • org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder
  • org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.rules
  • org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.rules.jdk
  • org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.writer
  • org.openjdk.jmc.jdp

The artifacts are accessible at maven repos, for instance - https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/openjdk/jmc/ and can be found in the search engine at https://search.maven.org. Updates to JDK Mission Control core libraries will be published to Maven Central on the same date as the corresponding release of JDK Mission Control.

Sanju Nair

Principal Product Manager, Java Platform Group

Sanju Nair is a Product Manager in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. He has worked in the IT industry for 10 years starting as a Java developer in Wipro Technologies and Oracle before moving into Product Management roles at NTT-Netmagic and Oracle. Sanju currently manages Java Management Service, JDK Mission Control and Java Advanced Management Console at Oracle.

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