JCF Webinar series 2022 - 25 years we sow

October 2, 2022 | 2 minute read
Nicolas Ponsini
Consulting Product Manager
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2022 is special ! This is the 25 years anniversary of Java Card as reflected in a previous post where experts detail the history and the reasons of its success story.

How this success story makes Java Card technology so pervasive in our lives ?

When you pay - leading payment institutions trust Java Card to host their applications on cards or mobile phones

When you make a call - Cellular connectivity flexibility security is enabled by Java Card for telcommunications, the Internat of Things and Automotive 

When you cross a border - Governments depend upon Java Card to secure electronic ID and passport

When you access the cloud - Enterprise and cloud services rely on Java Card to securely authenticate access

Security, Interoperability and Standardization are the key words of this success !

Want to discover and learn more about Java Card ? Understand how it is essential to your business or make it grow ? November 3rd - December 9th, the Java card Forum webinar series will provide you with this great opportunity with best in class experts.

JCF 2022 Webinar Series

The Java Card Webinar Series will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to discover how Java Card technology could expand your business. This Series will explain:

  • How the Java Card specification fits into the industry standards landscape (Heiko Kruse, Head of Technology & Expertise, IDEMIA)
  • The role of Java Card technology in Digital Identity Applications (Sridharan Sadagopan, R&D Team Lead, Thales and Mourad Faher: Engineer Scientist Fellow, Thales)
  • How the Java Card platform can be utilized to implement payment and enterprise applications on wearables (Alexander Summerer, Director Product Management,  G+D Mobile Security)
  • The role of Java Card technology in smarthome connectivity (Daniel Hübner, System Architect, Infineon)
  • How Service Providers will be enabled to securely deploy their Java Card service applets on Convergence Products (Guido Abate, Secure Mobile Standards Manager and GSMA eSIMWG3 Chairman, STMicroelectronics)
  • How a Java Card-based Secure Element can be used to improve the security and enforce the authenticity of new transactions added to a blockchain (Cristian Valeriu Toma, Senior Software Engineer, Oracle)


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Nicolas Ponsini

Consulting Product Manager

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