JCF 2021 Webinar Series: Why Java Card should be your platform of choice ?

December 14, 2021 | 4 minute read
Nicolas Ponsini
Consulting Product Manager
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Java Card is the most pervasive Java platform deploying in billions each year and certainly present several times within your pocket or daily hold in your hands because of your mobile phone, your credit cards or your ID for instance.

Want to learn more about the Java Card technology ecosystem and future ? Earlier this year, the Java Card Forum, (JCF) in conjunction with GlobalPlatform and the Trusted Connectivity Alliance, shared insights into why Java Card should be your platform of choice. The JCF 2021 webinar series is composed of nine webinars presented by experts from different leading companies describing a detailed insight about the current and future usage of the Java Card technology.

What will you learn ?

  • The key new SIM features enabled by the recommended 5G SIM
  • The challenges for real-world adoption of Post Quantum Cryptography
  • How FIDO helps organizations to strengthen their security
  • How to use Java Card on a secure element in an IoT device, to secure access to peripherals on an I3C bus
  • The impact Virtualizing Secure Elements will have on Java Card technology


This 2021 Java Card Forum Webinar Series has presentations and videos available on the JCF website [JCF 2021 Webinar Series]. It will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to discover how Java Card technology could expand your business.

Recommended 5G SIM – Unlocking the potential of 5G networks

  • Presenter: Claus Dietze, Senior Director Global Standardisation, G+D Mobile Security + Chair of the Board, TCA
  • Overview: In the same way that network core architecture is evolving, SIM technology is transforming to meet new challenges and opportunities introduced by 5G. Within this presentation, TCA will explain how mobile network operators select the right choice of SIM technology at 5G launch.

On the Current Status of Post-Quantum Cryptography

  • Presenter: Peter Pessl, Security Architect, Infineon 
  • Overview: Quantum computers might one day break many crucial cryptographic methods. Industry, academia, and standardization bodies are preparing for this and are putting significant effort into developing quantum-secure alternatives under the term Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Introducing Java Card Device I/O (DIO) to secure peripherals on I3C bus

  • Presenter: Patrick van Haver, Principal Engineer, Oracle
  • Overview: This webinar explores how to use Java Card on a secure element in an IoT device to secure access to peripherals on an I3C bus. We will present some use cases, propose a design, and describe how a Java Card application can use the Device IO API to implement a secure solution.

Strong User Authentication using Java Card and FIDO

  • Presenter: Yarden Gaon, Product Owner, Thales
  • Overview: This FIDO webinar reviews what is FIDO, how FIDO helps organizations to strengthen their security

Strong User Authentication Demo using Java Card and FIDO

  • Presenter: Nicolae Bors, Software Engineer, Oracle and Vlad Petrovici, Senior Software Engineer, Oracle
  •  Overview: The demo showcases a high security password-less authentication experience using a biometry method based on the FIDO specification, powered by a Java Card implementation at the backend and the Oracle Identity Cloud Service at the server side.

GlobalPlatform Secure Element Protection Profile and FIDO 2.0 Extension

  • Presenter: Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, Global Platform 
  • Overview: This presentation will introduce GlobalPlatform’s SE Protection Profile, and how it standardizes the security definitions of the different options and features available on a GlobalPlatform-certified SE. Attendees will also learn about enhancement made to the Protection Profile to align with FIDO 2.0, and how this is reducing the cost of certification for developers.

GlobalPlatform SE device integration

  • Presenter: Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
  • Overview: To answer to evolving market requirements and regulations, device architectures should be based on a secure Root of Trust and be able to create secure services for the boot, the OS and the application layer. This presentation will explain how SEs build security into connected devices, and introduce several new technical documents published by GlobalPlatform to simplify integration and management for device manufacturers.

Virtualizing Secure Elements

  • Presenter: Karl Eglof Hartel, Director for Standardization, G+D Mobile Security
  • Overview: The trend to Virtualization, which is omnipresent in the IT server world, is reaching Secure Elements.

Moving towards keyless car access with Digital Car Keys 

  • Presenter: Pierre Girard, Senior Cybersecurity Expert, Thales
  • Overview: This webinar describes the current Digital Key ecosystem, challenges and promises/


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Nicolas Ponsini

Consulting Product Manager

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