JavaOne Update Series: Part 2

July 22, 2022 | 3 minute read
Chad Arimura
Vice President, Java Developer Relations
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This is part 2 of an ongoing JavaOne Update Series. Read part 1 here.

JavaOne is just around the corner happening October 17-20 in Las Vegas. In the last update post, I introduced two important elements: content and conference venue. Let’s expand on content a bit more.

You can expect a ton of great unique content direct from the Java Platform Group at Oracle, the team that is responsible for much of the development and stewardship of the Java platform. I'll cover a lot of this in future posts. This post is a sneak peek at the community content.

JavaOne: Nearly Half Community-Driven Content

Java has a broad and diverse ecosystem of companies and a community of millions of developers that depend on it. That’s why JavaOne is not just one voice, but many. Of the hundreds of sessions that you will find at JavaOne, almost half of them are being led by members of the community. The content catalog might not be updated with all of the sessions and speaker information yet, but it will be soon and you can look for yourself. And this doesn't take into account the Unconference and famous 'hallway track' where speakers and audiences congregate. More on those later. Let’s take a sneak peak at a couple of these.

Whether you’ve seen the software craftsman and presenter extraordinaire Venkat Subramaniam speak, or not, you won’t want to miss his session on “Functional Programming Idioms in Java”. Venkat’s talks are always standing room only.

Who can ignore the success of Spring and Spring Boot? Come meet some of the Spring experts like Josh Long’s talk on “Kubernetes Native Java” for how Spring Boot can easily produce cloud-native Kubernetes-bound services, and Mark Heckler talk about “Das Boot: Debugging Spring Boot Applications” which pretty much speaks for itself.

You know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Mark's daughter, Jennifer Reif, will be "Sending Forth the Microservices" and live-coding a fully operational microservice in Java.

And finally, you’ll find community-led panels and birds-of-a-feather sessions on a variety of topics ranging from Nurturing a Community led by Vincent Mayers, to Jakarta EE led by Ivar Grimstad, to mentoring Java Developers by Dervis Mansuroglu.

Next Steps

Quoting Venkat, “Java is the Passport to the World”. Come apply for your passport at JavaOne by Registering Now and taking advantage of early-bird pricing that runs through August 14th.

Stay tuned for more updates at this blog, our @java Twitter handle,, and some special JavaOne videos posted to our YouTube channel.

We can't wait to chat with you in Las Vegas!

Chad and the Java Developer Relations Team

Chad Arimura

Vice President, Java Developer Relations

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