Java SE 7 End of Extended Support in July 2022

October 15, 2021 | 2 minute read
Donald Smith
Vice President of Product Management
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Now that Java SE 17 has been released, let’s go back in time a full decade to Java SE 7, which was released in 2011. Java SE 7 was the first release developed under Oracle’s stewardship of Java, and the beginning of a decade-long, successful effort to move Java forward, revitalizing it in the process.

Oracle Java SE 7 is now in Extended Support, made available to our customers through the Oracle Java SE Subscription, along with Java SE 8, Java SE 11 and Java SE 17. As the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap explains, Java SE 7 is planned to exit Extended Support and enter Sustaining Support in July 2022, after 11 years of fixes, security and other critical updates.

Per the Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Middleware products, with Sustaining Support, customers will continue to receive technical support, access My Oracle Support, and Java SE 7 updates published until July 2022. Sustaining Support also means that there won’t be a new update release of Java SE 7 after July 2022. Please consult the Lifetime Support Policy for more details.

Users that rely on Java SE 7 should consider migrating to Java SE 8, or a later Long-Term Support Java release from Oracle, such as Java 11, to benefit from many new features, performance improvements, and a continued stream of fixes and updates from Oracle as described on the Java SE Support Roadmap.

Users who rely on Java SE 7 to run an Oracle product can continue using Java SE 7 until it reaches Sustaining Support, or until a version of that Oracle product removes Java SE 7 from its supported matrix. After that, users will have the option of switching to the next supported Java SE release, in accordance with the support matrix for the specific Oracle products. More details covering that use case are available here.

Finally, all Java users can learn about the benefits of migrating to Java SE 17, which is available under the No-Fee Terms and Conditions License, and represents a decade of improvements to Java.

Donald Smith

Vice President of Product Management

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