Java Recognized as the Favorite Programming Language

March 3, 2021 | 2 minute read
Sharat Chander
Director, Java SE Product Management
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2020 was a pretty special year for Java. On May 23rd, 2020, the developer community worldwide celebrated 25 years of Java. This memorable milestone was a celebration of 25 years of innovation and community participation. It serves as a reminder that the world is truly Moved by Java, as well as a continued indication that Java remains the world’s most popular programming language among developers. According to IDC’s latest report "Java Turns 25", over nine million developers representing 69% of full-time developers worldwide use Java – more than any other programming language.

Also in 2020, DZone (one of the world’s largest publishers of knowledge resources for software developers) held its annual Audience Awards program. With 84% of the votes from over 5,000 members, DZone announced that Java was selected as the favorite developer programming language by the DZone audience. This year’s award presenter, Justin Albano (Software Engineer at Catalogic Software, Inc. and long-time Java programmer) said, "With the innovation and excitement the Java team at Oracle has introduced into the language, it's clear to see why Java still remains the top dog!"

Java’s popularity in the developer ecosystem stems from its hallmark attributes of platform independence, predictable stability, performance, a vibrant massive global ecosystem, and the continued technical leadership and community stewardship by Oracle. Georges Saab (VP of Java Platform Group at Oracle and Chair of OpenJDK Governing Board) said, "Openness and transparency of development all are the pillars that keep Java vibrant. Under the OpenJDK community, Oracle continues forward with driving innovation of the Java language and platform to address a wide spectrum of application development."

Along with its engineering leadership driven through the OpenJDK community, Oracle also makes substantial investments to foster the vibrancy of the Java community. Through a vast collection of programs such as Java Magazine (technical articles for developers by developers), Oracle Academy (content to expand Java knowledge), Oracle University (classes and certifications on Java), and (technical news and views from Oracle’s Java development team), Oracle seeks to further support and nurture the millions of Java developers globally. Chad Arimura (VP, Java Developer Relations) said, “The developer community is the pulse of Java and here at Oracle we continue to thoughtfully engage developers to meet them where they are at to help foster further communication and cooperation that results in keeping Java vibrant."

The next 25 years of Java and beyond look bright by building on the values of the past coupled with ongoing technical innovation and cooperation with the developer community. Thank you to DZone and your members for honoring Java!

Sharat Chander

Director, Java SE Product Management

Sharat Chander has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, for firms such as Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle. His background and technical specialty is in Java development tools, graphics design, and product/community management. Chander has been actively involved in the Java Community for 15 years, helping drive greater Java awareness, acceptance, adoption, and advocacy. At Oracle, as the director of Java developer relations, Chander serves as the JavaOne conference content chairperson, a role he's filled for 7 years, where he drives the technical content strategy and Java community involvement in the conference. He is a frequent keynote speaker and participant in developer programs worldwide. Chander holds a BS in corporate finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA in international business from Loyola College, Maryland. You can find Chander at multiple global developer events and Java community engagements. When not growing visibility for Java, he follows his other passion for baseball and fanatically following his hometown Baltimore Orioles.

Twitter handle: @Sharat_Chander

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