Java Card Forum 25 years anniversary

June 20, 2022 | 3 minute read
Nicolas Ponsini
Security Solutions Architect
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The Java Card Forum (JCF) celebrates the 25 years of its creation. Members of the Forum use this opportunity to reflect how far the Oracle Java Card technology had gone over this period.

Actually, it is very enthusiastic to see how much a product meets its customers, its users and enable a worldwide ecosystem changing day to day life of billions of people. This is what this anniversary is about.


Java Card Evolution



Java Card was introduced in 1996. It was a pioneering concept for the time - the first very small Java framework. Subsequent versions extended the architecture and augmented the APIs, to the point that the modern Java Card framework (version 3.1) is reflecting the markets trends and requirements.

A key contributor and promotor of that evolution has been the Java Card Forum. The JCF was formed shortly after the initial release of Java Card as "a collaboration of companies from the smart card, secure operating system, and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred language for multi-application smart cards and secure devices". This success story is staked out by 2G to 5G SIM cards, contactless and mobile payment, biometric ID just to mention a few of the use cases covered by Java Card based products.

What better than the voice of the members of the Java Card Forum to understand how Java Card is a current and future technology that is transforming our lives:

JCF President's 25 year Anniversary Interview

Jean-Daniel Aussel, President of the Java Card Forum, explains how far the technology has come over the last 25 years and what new challenges the Forum faces with emerging markets such as 5G and IoT. Whatch the video here.

Technical Committee’s 25 year Anniversary Interview

Three members of the Java Card Technical Committee (Luca Di Cosmo, Alexandre Frey and Christian Kirchstaetter) discuss how the Java Card specification is changing in response to new markets and the impact this will have for developers. Watch the video here.

Trusted Connectivity Alliance celebrates collaboration with Java Card Forum

In the third interview of the 25th Anniversary series, Claus Dietze, Chair of the Board, Trusted Connectivity Alliance explains the importance of Java Card technology in the Telecoms industry, how the 2 organisations have successfully collaborated over the years and why Java Card should be the platform of choice for IoT solutions. Watch the video here.

ENISA Lead Certification Expert reflects on JCF longevity & future of Java Card

In the fourth interview of the 25th Anniversary series, Eric Vétillard, Lead Certification Expert at ENISA explains ENISA’s certification mandate and discuses how Java Card certification schemes are related to the ENISA scope. He also reflects on his time as the JCF Technical Committee (TC) Chairman and how it has shaped his career path since. Watch the video here

JCF is currently working with Oracle toward the definition of a new Java Card version.


Java Card Information


  About Java Card Forum:

  Java Card Forum

  About Java Card:

  Java Card Technology

  Java Card 3.1 Documentation

Nicolas Ponsini

Security Solutions Architect

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