Announcing Java Card 3.2 Release

January 30, 2023 | 1 minute read
Nicolas Ponsini
Consulting Product Manager
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With the whole Java Card team, I am delighted to announce the new Java Card 3.2 release. It is now live and available on the portal of Oracle: Java Card 3.2

This release continues and completes the great Java Card achievements already described and presented on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the technology (25 years anniversary and 25 years we sow).

Java Card 3.2

Like any new Java Card release, this latest Java Card release comes with enhancements such as support for (D)TLS1.3 protocols, and API clarifications to help application developers and significantly increase the level of interoperability accross multiple implementations.

Configuration, compliance, certification, interoperability are keywords for making Secure Elements based products. Those four requirements have been the leitmotiv of the Java Card 3.2 release to sustain and move the technology ahead in synchronization with industry trends on various security hardware and for various markets: Banking, Mobile Payment, Identity, SIM and cellular connectivity (2 to 5G now), Access Control, Strong Authentication, IoT Security …

Waiting for more detailed on the new features in next blog entries, the whole content of the release is described in the release notes.

Nicolas Ponsini

Consulting Product Manager

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