30 New Java Champions Confirmed in 2018

February 8, 2019 | 1 minute read
Vincent Mayers
Senior Manager Developer Community Programs
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Java Champions have had an incredibly busy 2018. They have supported their communities by giving over 1400 talks at conferences and user group meetings in over 60 countries.
The efforts of these community experts sharing their knowledge around the would influence countless others, professional engineers and students new to the craft to think in new ways, apply new solutions to problems and enhance, not only the commerce of the organizations they work for but also their own professional growth. 
We have also welcomed 30 new Java Champions to the program in 2018, including new members from countries as diverse as Japan, India, South Africa, and New Zealand.
  • Alberto Salazar
  • Alex Theedom
  • Bethan Palmer
  • Christoph Engelbert
  • Claus Ibsen
  • Daniel Bryant
  • Donald Raab
  • Ivan St. Ivanov
  • Jean-Francois Arcand
  • Jim Manico
  • Jonathan Giles
  • Jose Diaz
  • Julien Dubois
  • Ken Fogel
  • Koichi Sakata 
  • Mala Gupta
  • Mani Sarkar
  • Michael Hunger
  • Michael Minella
  • Michael Simons
  • Miroslav Wengner 
  • Nikhil J. Nanivadekar
  • Nitsan Wakart
  • Rafael Chinelato Del Nero
  • Rahman Usta
  • Ray Tsang
  • Roy van Rijn
  • Shin Tanimoto
  • Tomasz Nurkiewicz
  • Victor Orozco
  • Viktor Klang
The full bios of these and all other Java Champions may be found here
Information about the Java Champions Program can be found here 

Vincent Mayers

Senior Manager Developer Community Programs

Expat Brit, Artist, athlete, traveller, technology community junkie, and experienced sales leader. Vincent is an Oracle Java Champion, has been a board member of the Atlanta Java Users Group since 2008 and runs some of the SouthEast's premier technology conferences, www.devnexus.com, www.connect.tech www.jazzcon.tech, www.datascicon.tech, and www.vueconf.us

With over 20 years technology services experience, Vincent has led cross-functional teams and has strong program and project management abilities. He has also led sales training, web branding, and marketing efforts and has a deep understanding of technology. 

Vincent has a Degree in 3D Design from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and; in another life was a full-time athlete competing at World Championship level in whitewater kayaking.

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