3 Ways GraalVM Enterprise Adds Value to Java SE Subscription

February 3, 2021 | 2 minute read
Manish Gupta
VP Marketing - Java & GraalVM
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On February 3, 2021, Oracle announced the addition of an entitlement to GraalVM Enterprise with the purchase of Java SE Subscription at no additional cost.  GraalVM Enterprise is a high-performance application runtime built on Oracle Java SE which includes an optimizing compiler that can accelerate Java application execution.  Java turned 25 in 2020 and remains among the most successful development platforms ever. Java’s strengths include its continuous innovation to address the evolving needs of modern application developers. With every release, enhancements are made which improve developer productivity, application performance, security, and stability. The inclusion of GraalVM Enterprise as an entitlement makes Oracle Java even more appealing for microservices and cloud-native deployments that demand near-instantaneous startup and low resource consumption. Let’s take a look at these innovative features:

High-performance optimizing compiler: GraalVM Enterprise’s just-in-time (JIT) compiler includes many new and innovative optimization techniques that can improve Java application performance with no code changes.

Native Image: GraalVM Enterprise includes the Native Image utility that compiles Java bytecodes ahead-of-time (AOT) to generate self-contained native executables. AOT compilation only includes the classes and libraries needed to run the application. This reduces the size of the generated binary and minimizes the attack surface area which may improve security.  The smaller size of native executables, their lower memory and CPU requirements, and their extremely fast start up makes them ideal for microservices and other kinds of containerized workloads that need to scale up and down rapidly. Read the GraalVM Enterprise whitepaper to learn how native image compilation enables microservices to startup almost instantaneously. AOT compilation, compared to JIT compilation, allows microservices to perform at their peak immediately while using substantially fewer CPU and memory resources.   

Multi-language support: This GraalVM Enterprise feature lets Java developers use libraries and frameworks written in other programming languages and run them on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  Multiple languages and libraries written in other languages can be used in a single program and share data without a performance penalty.

The entitlement to GraalVM Enterprise is automatic and included for all Java SE Subscription customers. Check out the following resources to get started:


Manish Gupta is the Vice President of Global Marketing for Java and GraalVM at Oracle. He has over 25 years of experience in product management and technology marketing in domains ranging from database, in-memory transaction processing, cloud computing, data integration, and data management. Mr. Gupta has held senior executive positions at fast growing startups including Redis Labs and at large companies like Apple. He holds masters and bachelors in engineering from Georgia Tech as well as an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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Manish Gupta

VP Marketing - Java & GraalVM

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