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    November 29, 2017

Java Magazine: Java EE 8

By Java Magazine Editor Andrew Binstock 

While the Java SE community has been focused on the release of Java 9, the Java EE community now has its turn in the spotlight. The editorial at the front of this issue (page 5) examines Oracle’s recent announcement that Java EE development is being moved to the Eclipse Foundation.

The articles in this issue focus on the many technical advances in Java EE 8. For some technologies, the new release brings significant upgrades and welcome enhancements. These include Servlet 4.0’s embrace of HTTP/2 and its new server push capabilities (page 13); CDI 2.0’s improved dependency injection (page 23); and JPA 2.2’s streaming results, upgraded date conversions, and new annotations (page 43).

We also examine MicroProfile, the new lightweight implementation of Java EE intended for microservices and distributed computing (page 56). If a single lightweight vehicle isn’t enough for you, we look at Java Card, a super-lightweight Java SE implementation that thrives on smart cards (page 77). It’s interesting to find out how the JVM is activated, how objects’ lifetimes are managed, and of course how security is enforced. None of this is easy or trivial in tiny environments.

In addition, we have the final installment of Ben Evans’ two-part series on how the JVM executes dynamic method invocations (page 67). Throw in our book review (page 7) and the usual quiz (page 91) with its deep look into the operations of the language. 

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