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New embedded release delivers latest Java features, better performance and more!

November 10, 2010 By: jacob Lehrbaum

We're thrilled to announce an updated release of Java SE for embedded devices that updates the product to the latest Java SE technology and adds important performance improvements, security fixes and support for key embedded hardware features and platforms. Using Java Technology for Embedded enables you to develop highly functional, reliable, portable and secure embedded systems Key highlights of the Java SE Embedded 6u21 release include:

  • Aligns with latest Java SE 6 release
    • Synchronizes the Java Runtime Environments (JRE) for Linux on ARM, PowerPC and x86 with the latest release of Java SE 6 update 21 for desktop and servers
    • Delivers a rich set of features and APIs including hundreds of enhancements, security improvements and bug fixes
    • Allows embedded developers to deploy the same version of Java SE that they use on their desktop systems
  • Expanded Processor and Platform support
    • Adds Multi-core support for ARM and PowerPC processors including Java SE features such as parallel garbage collection, background JIT compilation and more
    • Adds support for the PowerPC e500v2 platform
  • Improved Performance/Benchmarks
    • Improved throughput through new linear scan register allocator for the client JIT
    • ~20% improvement in Caffeinemark on all Java SE Embedded 6u21 platforms [1]
    • ~2x the performance of Android on common benchmarks [2]
If you're interested in trying out the latest release of Java SE Embedded, head on over to Oracle Technology Network and download a copy today. If you are interested in discussing commercial deployments of Java SE Embedded, please contact Oracle for more details!

[1] CaffeineMark improvements: 21% for ARM; 22% for x86; 29% for PowerPC
[2] CaffeineMark 2.16x; kBench 2.5x. Linpack 1.53x; SciMark 2.15x

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