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Netbeans 6.9 adds official support for new visual editing capabilities and JavaFX 1.3

June 21, 2010 By: jacob Lehrbaum
The Netbeans team shipped release 6.9 last week, delivering a wide range of exciting new capabilities that include improvements to the core platform, better support for working with web technologies, C/C++, Java EE, OSGi and more. But one of the most exciting new features is improved support for JavaFX. In particular, the new release delivers the following JavaFX-related improvements:

  • JavaFX Composer for form-like UI components with states and access to various data sources
  • Added and improved editor hints and refactoring
  • Enhanced Palettes for JavaFX Shapes, Colors, Effects, and Charts
  • Improved code formatting

In particular, the JavaFX Composer delivers a highly valuable tool that enables visual editing of form-based user interfaces. Those of you who are familiar with Matisse will recognize that the JavaFX Composer has been designed along the same lines and early reaction to the JavaFX Composer has been overwhelmingly positive! For instance, check out this great article from Eric Bruno on using the JavaFX Composer for building a client-side interface to view/edit information from a JDBC data source.

In addition, the release includes the following Java improvements:

  • Java Debugger breakpoint grouping, debugger attach parameter history
  • Support for annotation processors in the editor, configurable in the Project Properties
  • New Applet and Web Start (JNLP) support
  • Improved navigation in Stack Trace Analyzer and URLs, Go To Overridden/Implemented Method action

Congratulations to the NetBeans team on what is surely one of the most exciting NetBeans releases since the JavaFX launch in December '08! Best way to show your appreciation? Go download a copy and let them know what you think!

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