Migrating from Desktop to Cloud-Native Web Applications

How can you provide a smooth migration path from a desktop application to a web application that has a similar user experience as the desktop application? In his new article "Migrating from Desktop to Cloud-Native Web Applications”, Thomas Kruse discusses how to use JavaFX as the foundation for hybrid desktop applications that are built by uniting the latest web and desktop frameworks.
This article explores an architecture that combines the best of the web and desktop worlds as a migration path and as an option for building next-generation desktop applications. As Kruse explains, to ease the migration path, it's prudent to consider integrating the desktop application being migrated with a new web-based application, even if this results in additional effort.
The resulting hybrid application must support the web-based future and the current Swing- or JavaFX-based parts of the desktop application at the same time, because simply showing a web page inside the desktop application is insufficient. To provide the required level of integration, interaction between the elements of the desktop-based user interface and the web-based user interface must be supported in both directions. One way to achieve this is by using the JavaFX WebView component.
Through code examples, Kruse demonstrates a migration architecture that uses Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit. Leveraging a browser and the JavaFX WebView as integration technology provides a path for creating pure web-based clients for enterprise applications. By using HTTP endpoints, it is easy to provide access for external entities such as native mobile clients. As an additional benefit, this model fits nicely into a cloud-based application infrastructure, which provides the option of fully deploying to the cloud.
To learn more about this approach, read the article.

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