Microservices for Mortals

Which type of pasta are you cooking? And should you change recipes? In the 90’s software architecture resembled spaghetti. In the 2000’s, the SOA architecture introduced layers similar to a lasagne. Now microservices architecture begs for a new pasta metaphor. 

JavaOne Rockstar speaker Bert Ertman has been involved in the architecture of large scale systems for over 20 years. In his JavaOne session, he explains the evolution of microservices architecture and whether you should adopt this new infrastructure. 

Bert illustrates key architectural concepts and how they relate to microservices. He explains the challenges of moving from a monolith to a microservices architecture and how to deal with them. 

To help you navigate his sessions, please bookmark and watch the chapters you are most interested in:  
Where did it come from? (6:00)
Microservices are about Business Agility (10:06) 
Monoliths (20:00)
Initial Investment (23:55)
Data Strategy (27:14)
Synchronous vs. Asynchronous (32:10)
Re-use Traps (35:14)
Dealing with Failure (43:49)

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