Learn how to use CSS with JavaFX 1.3

Jim Weaver has written a great article on using CSS support in JavaFX 1.3 to stylize client-side user interfaces. In his words:
"One of the hallmark features of JavaFX 1.3 is the introduction of JavaFX CSS, which provides the ability to apply styling to any element in the user interface. This article focuses on JavaFX Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is primarily the domain of designers but is also important for developers to understand.

One of the strengths of JavaFX is that it enables designers and developers to collaborate on creating applications. JavaFX CSS is a feature of JavaFX that encourages this collaboration. As with traditional Web applications, developers can focus on an application's functionality while designers can apply styles to elements of the user interface."
To read more about using CSS with JavaFX 1.3, check out his article entitled, "Stylin' with JavaFX"

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