JVM Language Summit Highlights

Last week the 9th annual JVM Language Summit took place in Santa Clara, California. The three day summit was a gathering of language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. It was an open collaboration about current and future development of the JVM, Java language, JVM languages, different runtime and VM.  The topics this year were about JDK 9, a lot about features for releases beyond Java 9 and 10, and JVM languages and tools.  All the presentations were recorded and are now available online.  

In the welcome session, Vice President of Development Bernard Traversat explains that out of 120 enhancements (JEP) 95 of them are completed, 10 are integrated and 10  targeted…and that it is the right time to give feedback to the development team. You can now download and test the latest JDK 9 early access release and provide feedback. General information about JDK 9 release is available here 

Alex Buckley presented the JDK 9 session below called Jigsaw Under the Hood. He explains how the module system works with the Java language and VM, migrating to modules, the module system’s capabilities, and preparing to run on JDK 9. He strongly recommend to read JEP 261 about the module system 

There were a number of sessions about Valhalla Project including ‘Adventures in Parametric Polymorphism’ with Brian Goetz;  Valhalla Reflection with Maurizio Cimadamore; and Valhalla Backport with Rémi Forax and Jefferson Mangue.  

Pamana, a project to interconnect JVM and native code  was discussed in the two sessions: ‘Going Native” with Mikael Vidstedt and Tobi Ajila and ‘Machine Code Snippets’ with Vladimir Ivanov.

Other sessions are about JVM Languages like Scala and Kotlin. Watch all the sessions on YouTube.com/java JVM Language Summit 2016 playlist

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