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Yoshida Shinya is an OpenJDK committer on the JEP 222, JShell , also called project Kulla. The Jshell in JDK 9 would enable developers to use a read–eval–print loop (REPL), a shell interface that would facilitate the learning and testing of Java 9. In the video below, Yoshida demonstrates how to use the JShell tool to test code, use JShell API with other tools, and his JavaFX plug-in for JShell. Watch his demos

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  • Józef Tokarski Sunday, December 18, 2016
    I'm very excited about the possibilities that come with JShell. In fact it is a feature I'm looking forward the most in Java 9.
    I've just tried JShell and there is one thing that I'm missing.
    I do understand that JShell primarily is aimed to be a REPL.
    But there are lot of use cases when I'd like to use JSehll for scripting in Java. And I'd like to have possibility to run script written in Java as a one-off, WITHOUT entering jshell interactive mode. Using jshell --help I don't see such option. Is this possible then ? Will ever be added ?
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