Looking at JDK 9 with Categories

To help you navigate the new changes in JDK 9, the new functionalities can be organized into six categories.  Those categories will help you understand which features are new, which require you to change your code or process, which come as default with JDK 9, which are improved APIs and which will be removed. The new features are available in JDK 9 early access. You can download and test today the features in JDK 9 early access 

The categories are more clearly defined as: 

  • Behind the scenes: functionalities that you get as default in JDK 9. You don’t need to change your code or use new tools. It will just work with JDK 9. 
  • New functionality: new capabilities that you have to change your code or use new tools to get 
  • Specialized: new features that will require you to make changes. Those APIs are only for very advanced use-cases.  
  • New standards: JDK 9 will take advantage of new standards in the industry.   
  • Housekeeping: improvements to existing libraries, changes in internal code,  work for future improvements
  • Gone: features available today in JDK 8, but that will not be available in JDK 9.

 The full list of features is available on the JDK 9 website. I am listing below some libraries that you, as a developer, might want to learn more about. See the graph at the bottom of the page. 

Behind the scene

New Standards 

New Functionality



New Standards 

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