JavaOne Mobile Application

This year, OTN partnered with the Gluon team and Johan Vos to bring you a community JavaOne 2016 mobile application. You can now interact with Java Hub demos, order a coffee, register for IoT workshop, vote on 3D model and design a cutout that you can pick up at the Java hub. You will also view sessions, speakers, maps and much more from within this app.

Get to activities in the app :
1.Download the JavaOne conference app from Gluon Software or go directly Google Play, or iTune store 
2.Look under OTN experience to find the four interactive events: 

Coffee service. In addition to getting the perfect cup of coffee, you can choose both your coffee type and strength directly from the mobile application! Good coffee takes time, of course. You can either make the coffee yourself or watch a barista make it for you. The demo is powered by a Raspberry Pi using sensors and Java Embedded. 

HearingNest Art Experience. Contribute to German artist Mirja Wellman’s sculpture via the mobile app. Mirja will create her sculpture from your cutouts. Her 3D Hearing Nest sculpture will be displayed at the community keynote on Thursday. 

Spark your imagination! Follow these 3 steps on the mobile app: 
1. Listen to surrounding sounds
2. Draw a representation of the sonority you heard 
3. Cut the shape you created on your mobile app at the CNC-machine in the hub  

3D Printing. Watch the 3D printers do their magic. There are two different printers, resin laser printer and the fused filament Ultimaker. Within the app, you can vote for a model that will then be printed. 

Stop by any time, and chat with Michael Hoffer, who designed the modeling software to create 3D models. He is also demoing his latest drone that he created with 3D printed parts. 

IoT Workshop. Oracle Technology Network partnered with AppsLab to offer JavaOne attendees an Internet of Things hands-on workshop. You will receive a free IoT Cloud Kit so you can experiment onsite at the Java Hub. No special skills are required. We will provide basic training and show you how to connect a wifi micro-controller to the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud. Reserve your seat by registering using the Mobile app

There are 2 scenarios to play with IoT Cloud Kit
1. Using sample code: you will learn how to connect sensors to NodeMCU using MQTT. The sensors can also be controlled via a mobile app. 
2. Connect to IoT cloud services: you can create your own code to connect the sensors to Oracle IoT cloud service using MQTT and IoT Gateway device. 

The workshops run all day, Monday through Wednesday, at the Java Hub - JavaOne exhibit. First, sign up and then come to the IoT workshop with your laptop and a micro-usb cable.

Instructions are available here: 




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