JavaOne 2016 Highlights (Tuesday)

Day two of JavaOne 2016 consisted of live sessions on advanced Java 9, Java 8 collections and Java EE 8. The winners of the 14th JCP Annual Awards were announced and celebrated at the JCP Party. Java developers showed off tips and insights to a global live audience on the NightHacking live stage at the Java Hub. Oracle also announced extended commitment to the Java platform with updates to the Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) 9 and the Java Enterprise Edition (EE). .

NightHacking Interviews

Java Hub Community Demos

The Java Hub featured innovative demos of Java projects. Some maker project demo’s included:

  • Portable, self-powering, cloud-connected Renewable Energy (RE) system
  • Intel RealSense, a sensitive camera, to recognize hands, face expression, short movements that convert to network requests to control things
  • Java-powered Duke embroidery using DukeScript
  • JavaOne voting machine
  • Gaming station to play Nintendo games
Extended Commitment to the Java Platform

Oracle announced it will continue to closely collaborate with key partners in the Java ecosystem to drive significant evolution of the Java platform in the following areas:

  • Updates to the Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) 9 and collaboration with the OpenJDK Community to lay the groundwork for Java SE 9
  • Project Jigsaw to be released in 2017 will make applications more scalable, more secure, faster and easier to maintain
  • JShell to run and test snippets of code
  • Java EE 8 for the Cloud and microservices
The 14th JCP Annual Awards

The Java Community Process (JCP) program members join together each year to nominate creativity that produces ground-breaking results for the Java community and industry in the Java Standard Edition (SE), Java Enterprise Edition (EE), or Java Micro Edition (ME) platforms.

The 2016 winners include:

JCP Member/Participant of the Year
Werner Keil
Werner is one of the few JCP EC members consistently vocal about Java EE. He also helps contribute to a number of Java EE JSRs including JSON-P. 

Outstanding Spec Lead
Dmitry Kornilov
Besides limited resources and full time commitment to other projects, Dmitry managed to push the JSON-B (JSR-367) spec forward. Dmitry's responsive participation in user / expert mailing list and prompt updates to specification contributed to a fresh feel of project liveness. JSON-B is one of the only Java EE 8 JSRs still on track thanks to Dmitry.

Most Significant JSR
JSR 364, Broadening JCP Membership 
This JSR makes contributing to Java a lot easier, even if one isn't working for a company with a strategic interest in Java or self-employed. JSR 364 now allows more individuals to help the Java Community Process in similar ways as the likes of Apache or Eclipse do. With a relatively small Contributor Agreement instead of long and tedious paperwork, often impossible to handle without a legal department willing to help. Thanks to JSR 364 it should be easier to get more JSRs done where resources by even the biggest corporate members can sometimes reach their limits. 

Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant
Chicago JUG, Josh Juneau and Bob Paulin 
Josh and Bob have been leading the Chicago Java User Group (CJUG) Adopt-A-JSR efforts. Josh has been advocating our membership to review and adopt the new Java EE 8 specs. Each Adopt-A-JSR meeting at CJUG Josh deep dives into a JSR by providing an overview of the spec, where to get the source, building the source, as well as some code examples. Josh's step by step approach lowers the barrier of entry for developers not used to working on bleeding edge code. Josh has also been an advocate for the JCP through the Java EE Guardians group using a data driven approach to citing his concerns with Java EE 8. Josh has been steadfast in his work to get the community more involved in the JCP and specifically the Adopt-A-JSR program. Bob has also made great contributions towards Adopt-a-JSR program with leading the Chicago JUG efforts around JDK 9. 

Developer Gateway
Developers are the hungriest professionals in this industry. The new Developer Gateway provides tools, Cloud services, and resources for developers looking for the most productive ways to build modern applications. 

Live Sessions
If you missed the live streaming sessions from Tuesday, you can access them on demand here.

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