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One of the important features of JavaFX is its ability to load and manipulate rich graphics coming from professional designer tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. This is possible by using JavaFX Production Suite for exporting graphics from the designer tools to FXZ format and then by loading and manipulating the graphics from by classes in the javafx.fxd package. For example stuff from the screenshot below - graphics like we used for the demo of the JavaFX Production Suite for the JavaFX launch event back in December 2008.

Photoshop exporting JavaFX

The team delivering the JavaFX Production Suite will be at JavaOne and will be doing a session session "Getting the Most from the Designers with JavaFX Production Suite" and a BOF "Quo Vadis JavaFX Production Suite". The session is aimed more at beginners and intermediate JavaFX developer and will focus at the introduction, basic usage and feature overview of the JavaFX Production Suite, whereas the BOF will be more about advanced and upcoming features. We would like to also use the BOF as the platform to hear feedback from you! Both sessions will have many cool demos with stuff you never shown in public before, including new features of 1.2 and stuff we are preparing in our kitchen for the upcoming releases (and I can tell you it is pretty wild stuff, think about stuff like animations, audio, interactivity ...)

You can come to see as at the session:

  • ID#: TS-5494
  • Title: Getting the Most from the Designers with the JavaFX™ Production Suite
  • Date: 02-JUN-09
  • Time: 04:40 PM-05:40 PM
  • Venue: Moscone
  • Room: North 124

and at the BOF:

  • ID#: BOF-5493
  • Title: Quo Vadis JavaFX™ Production Suite
  • Date: 02-JUN-09
  • Time: 07:30 PM-08:20 PM
  • Venue: Moscone
  • Room: North 124

See you all there!

JavaFX Production Suite Team

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