JavaFX 1.0 is Live

After many months of hard work and sweat JavaFX 1.0 is here. This release is important; probably the most important piece of software I have ever had the chance to work on. Today marks the beginning of a new platform. The first time there has ever been a single platform, with a single download of a single SDK, that lets you create programs for the desktop, the web, mobile devices, and (eventually) TVs. All with the same code.

Here are just a few of the features in JavaFX 1.0:

  • KeyFrame animation
  • XML & JSON web services
  • Fast and easy to use 2D graphics
  • PerspectiveTransform for 3D effects
  • Pixel-filters and visual effects with GPU hardware acceleration
  • Video and Audio support using both native and cross-platform codecs
  • Swing Integration
  • CSS styling (more on that later)
  • Windows XP+ and Mac 10.4+ support with Linux & Solaris in the works (more on that later too)
  • The new JavaFX Script language with binding and animation built in, running 10->20x faster than Javascript
  • Visually rich applets that you can drag to your desktop and save for later
  • Integration with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Access to the world's huge library of Java code and APIs
  • A new website with docs, tutorials, and tons of BSD licensed sample code
  • and as a nice bonus:
  • A sneak-peek beta of JavaFX on mobile devices

You may have only heard of a few engineers involved in the project, perhaps at a conference like JavaOne. However, JavaFX is the product of many, many talented people have come together to ship this release. From the compiler and tools teams to the runtime and graphics engineers. Marketers, management, testers, doc writers, server admins, and graphic designers; all working hard to create something wonderful.

JavaFX 1.0 is the first release of many, but today marks the beginning of something big. This is the base for creating rich interactive applications filled with your ideas, content, and inspiration. Cross-platform and cross-screen. All built on the power platform engine of Java. Be sure to keep coming back to JavaFX.com.

Over the coming weeks you will see new example code, blog entries, news from the web, and links to killer demos. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pack for my trip to show off our creation at Devoxx in Belgium. Please download, enjoy, and give us feedback. And above all:

Go create

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