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General | August 14, 2012

Java SE 7 Update 6 Released

Oracle just announced the release of Java SE 7 Update 6. Notable in this release is the merging of JavaFX into the Oracle Java SE installation, Mac OS feature parity with JDK 7, the release of JavaFX 2.2 and the release of JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0.

Java SE 7 Update 6 provides the merging of JavaFX into the Oracle Java SE installation. JavaFX was a stand-alone product, and is now fully integrated in this release. On Windows, JavaFX and Java Access Bridge are now installed as part of the JRE or JDK. This provides convenience for end users and system administrators, who don't need to install and maintain JavaFX separately. Application developers can also be assured that from now on, JavaFX runtime libraries will be present on millions of desktops by default.

Java SE 7 Update 6 marks Oracle’s first full JDK and JRE release on Mac OS X. All of the features and functionality available for other OSs are now available on Mac, including the JavaFX rich client platform. Java developers using Macs can download Oracle’s JDK for Mac OS X from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Consumers can now download the JRE for Mac from, just as they do for other operating systems. Oracle will continue releasing Mac versions simultaneously the other Java releases, keeping Mac users up to date with the most secure version of Java. Oracle’s JRE on Mac will offer auto-updates at the same time as other supported platforms.

Oracle also announced the general availability of JavaFX Scene Builder, a key component of the JavaFX development tool chain. JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0 provides a visual layout environment that lets users quickly design user interfaces for JavaFX applications, without coding. Check out the Getting Start with JavaFX Scene Builder video. Also, the improved Application packager allows developers to package JavaFX applications bundled with the JRE and JavaFX runtime libraries and create native installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Other highlights for Java SE 7 Update 6 include:

  • General support for Linux on ARM
  • JavaFX support for touch-enabled monitors and touch pads
  • Added support for JavaFX on Linux

Read the Java SE 7 Update 6 Release Notes for additional details on the features and enhancements in this release.


Java SE 7 Update 6
Java FX Scene Builder 1.0

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