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By Andrew Binstock

Welcome to the September/October 2016 issue of Java Magazine, in which we look at how to program devices and develop for the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices tend to have intensely individual programming requirements, and what works on one device might not work at all on another, so we chose to stagger the levels of information in these articles. The first article , by Gastón Hillar, shows the minutiae of setting up a small Intel-based board, how to send it code, and how to monitor the sensors. If you're new to programming devices, this is the place to start.

The second article, by Stephen Chin, shows how much of the work of controlling devices consists of sending commands and extracting operational data. While the commands and data vary widely by device type, it's likely that as the IoT continues to gain traction, formal standards for both the data and the commands will become established and device programming will be less of a highly customized task.

The final article on this theme demonstrates the key enabling technology for the IoT: the cloud. It's expected that the way most devices will share their data with consumers is via the cloud. As this article shows, IoT-friendly clouds offer ways to take in custom data and issue commands when data attains specific thresholds. That data typically is aggregated into cloud-based dashboards from which technicians and mangers control large processes and activities.

Beyond devices and IoT, we have our usual coverage of other Java technologies, including JAX-RS 2.1, the updated standard for consuming web services. You'll also find an explanation of Fantom, a little-known JVM language that compiles to the JVM and to JavaScript. Plus we offer a lengthy tutorial on interfaces, and, of course, our famous quiz.

Remember that you can read the issue online. Or, if you prefer, you can download it in PDF format. For the download, access the magazine from a laptop or desktop and you'll see the download icon on the right. You'll also note that you can now access back issues of Java Magazine from this year and last year. We'll eventually make all our back issues available to subscribers.

Like what you see? Wish we'd cover something else? Other comments or concerns? Please send along your feedback, which I read attentively. You can always reach me at javamag_us@oracle.com.

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