New Java Magazine Issue: Inside Java 9

This single-topic issue of Java Magazine focuses on the benefits of the new JDK 9 release other than the Java Platform Module System (JPMS). Java Magazine will dedicate a second issue to Java 9, with a deep focus on the new modular architecture and how best to use it.

As the articles in this issue demonstrate, there is a lot of goodness in Java 9 outside of modules. The language and platform teams have created dozens of convenient new features that make Java programming more succinct and enjoyable. Simon Ritter’s article (page 11) provides an overview of many of these useful additions. His work is complemented by an in-depth examination (page 21) of the new features in Collections, Streams, and iterators. 

Trisha Gee explains (page 17) how to compile and run Java 8 code on Java 9, even if you’re not using modules. An alternative way to run Java 9 code is with JShell, which is a new read-evaluate-print loop (REPL) bundled with this release. Our introduction to JShell (page 28) shows the basics, while our article on HTTP/2 (page 39) provides additional examples of JShell usage. The HTTP/2 technology, which facilitates network programming, is part of a new incubator system introduced in Java 9 that presents developers with technologies that are likely to be bundled in future releases. If you use HTTP regularly, take a long look at this article.

Nashorn (page 34) is the JDK's built-in JavaScript engine in Java 9. Its main purpose is to run JavaScript and Java together seamlessly. In Java 9, it supports a small subset of ECMAScript 6 features. 

In addition to these articles, you will find the usual language quiz, events calendar, and letters to the editor. 

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