Java is alive at Oracle Code One!

Sharat Chander
Director, Java SE Product Management

The second annual Oracle Code One conference will soon be here.  Again, it will showcase a wide and deep variety of developer technology initiatives Oracle is investing and participating in…from machine learning to artificial intelligence, autonomous database to microservices, and of course the Cloud.

Yet, the primary conference focus continues to shine a bright spotlight on Java technology.  That’s because Java remains an important area for Oracle in terms of stewardship, technology innovation and ecosystem enablement.

During the event, attendees will have a variety of immersive options to experience the ongoing Java advancements at Oracle and from the broader developer community.  From a content perspective, Oracle Code One offers 3 dedicated Java technology tracks with over 200 sessions for attendees to experience.

The backbone of Java content continues to be offered in the Core Java Platform track.  This track showcases wide ranging Core Java topics such as ongoing language improvements and JVM enhancements.  If you’re attending Oracle Code One we’d like to offer you this cheat sheet of important, can’t miss Core Java sessions --- please be sure to pre-register since rooms fill up fast! 

Please check the conference catalog for the most accurate scheduling information

Monday, September 16

DEV4284 JDK Mission Control: Where We Are, Where We Are Going
David, Buck (Oracle)
9:00am-9:45am - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV3873 Java Modules: Why and How?
Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer, Inc)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 303

DEV6727 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools in JDK/bin
Poonam Parhar (Oracle, Corp)
4:00pm-4:45pm - Moscone South - Room 207/208

DEV6727 Busting Myths about Java Support from Oracle
Alexandra Huff (Oracle)
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro (Oracle)
Manish Gupta (Oracle)
4:00pm-5:00pm - Moscone South - Room 307

DEV3219 Does Java Need Value Types? What They Give Java from a Performance Perspective
Sergey Kuksenko (Oracle)
4:00pm-4:45pm - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV3463 Vector API
Vladimir Ivanov (Oracle)
Kishor Kharbas (Intel)
4:00pm-4:45pm - Moscone South - Room 303

DEV4112 JavaFX 12 and Beyond
Kevin Rushforth (Oracle)
5:00pm - 5:45pm - Moscone South - Room 202

DEV4312 Java Bytecode Crash Course
David Buck (Oracle)
5:00pm - 5:45pm - Moscone South - Room 205

DEV6321 - Advances in Java Security
Jim Manico (Manicode Security)
6:00pm-6:45pm - Moscone South Room 203

Tuesday, September 17

TUT3781 Java 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13: What Have You Missed?
Henri Tremblay (TradingScreen)
8:45am-10:45am - Moscone South - Room 214

TUT3090 Coding Your Way to Java 13
Sander Man (Picnic)
8:45am-10:45am - Moscone South Room 203

DEV5937 Java Language Futures: 2019 Edition
Brian Goetz (Oracle)
11:30am-12:15pm - Moscone South - Room 203

DEV3884 CompleteFuture: The Promises of Java
Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer, Inc)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV6243 Transitioning the Java Ecosystem to Six-Month Continuous Updates: Oracle Needs Your Help
Bernard Traversat (Oracle)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV5024 OpenJDK Development
Jesper Wilhelmsson (Oracle)
1:30pm-2:15pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV1262 Exceptions 2020
Mike Duigou (Boeing)
1:30pm-2:15pm - Moscone South - Room 308

DEV4150 Java Packaging Tool: Create Native Installers to Deploy Java Applications
Kevin Rushforth (Oracle)
Phil Race (Oracle)
5:00pm-5:45pm - Moscone South - Room 204

DEV4681 What’s New in the Java Language and Tooling
Michel Trudeau (Oracle)
5:00pm-5:45pm - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV4356 Hangs, Slowdowns, Starvation - Oh My! A Deep Dive into the Life of a Java Thread
David Buck (Oracle)
6:00pm-6:45pm - Moscone South - Room 304

Wednesday, September 18

DEV4253 invokedymanic for Mere Mortals
David Buck (Oracle)
11:30am-12:15pm - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV3923 Local Variable Type Inference: Friend or Foe?
Stuart Marks (Oracle)
Simon Ritter (Azul Systems)
11:30am-12:15pm - Moscone South - Room 303

DEV3407 Condy? NestMates? Constable? Understanding JDK11 and JDK12 JVM Features
Dan Heidinga (IBM)
11:30am-12:15pm - Moscone South - Room 205

DEV3891 Exploring Collectors
Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer, Inc)
11:30am-12:15pm - Moscone South - Room 203

DEV4421 CSI (Crash Scene Investigation) HotSpot: Common JVM Crash Causes and Solutions
David Buck (Oracle)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 303

BOF3989 Oracle JDK and Oracle OpenJDK: An Open Conversation
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro (Oracle)
Sharat Chander (Oracle)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 309

DEV3957 Java Flight Recorder: Black Box of Java Applications
Poonam Parhar (Oracle)
12:30pm-1:15pm - Moscone South - Room 203

DEV4996 The Lean, Mean…OpenJDK?
Claes Redestad (Oracle)
1:30pm-2:15pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV4004 Maximize Java Cloud Stack Performance and Efficiency with These Tricks
Bob Vandette (Oracle)
5:00pm-5:45pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV3877 Functional Programming Idioms in Java
Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer, Inc)
6:00pm-6:45pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV4398 Memory-Efficient Java
Kirk Pepperdine (Kodewerk, Ltd)
6:00pm-6:45pm - Moscone South - Room 308

Thursday, September 19

DEV3945 What’s New in Java Security
Sean Mullan (Oracle)
9:00am-9:45am - Moscone South - Room 303

BOF3682 The Future of SecurityManager
Sean Mullan (Oracle)
Andrew Gross (Oracle)
10:00am-10:45am - Moscone South - Room 309

DEV4211 Java Concurrency, A(nother) Peek Under the Hood
David Buck (Oracle)
10:00am-10:45am - Moscone South - Room 303

DEV3217 Hunting Down Scalability Bottlenecks in Java
Sergey Kuksenko (Oracle)
11:15am-12:00pm - Moscone South - Room 205

DEV3118 Four Productive Ways to Use Open Source JFR and JMC Revisited
Sven Reimers (Airbus)
Martin Klahn (Airbus)
11:15am-12:00pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV4320 Get Rid of OutOfMemoryErrorMessages
Poonam Parhar (Oracle)
12:15pm-1:00pm - Moscone South - Room 304

DEV3876 Type Inference: Friend or Foe?
Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer, Inc)
2:15pm-3:00pm - Moscone South - Room 301

DEV3983 Java 13: Shaping the Future of Java, Faster
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro (Oracle)
Sharat Chander (Oracle)
3:15pm-4:00pm - Moscone South - Room 301

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