• January 25, 2017

Java EE Recap

For those of you who are not looking at the Java EE mailing list and news on a regular basis, this blog will give you a summary of Java EE JSR progress. 

At JavaOne during his keynote, Anil Gaur explained the overall direction of Java EE and the roadmap for Java EE 8 and 9, planned for 2017 and 2018, respectively. Watch his keynote here.

The Java EE survey results came in last month, showing the community ranking of future Java EE technologies and conclusions for the Java EE 8 proposal. This proposal includes Servlet 4, JSON-P 1.1, JSON-B 1.0, Java EE Security, JAX-RS 2.1, JSF 2.3, CD 2, Bean Validation 2 and a stronger alignment with Java SE 8. For feedback on Java EE 8, please join the project.

Java EE 8 release has an aggressive schedule and the spec leads and community members have shared updates on those JSRs

Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) 2.0 Beta 1 has been released. Laird Nelson wrote a three-part series about CDI 2.0: fun with composition. His blog describes how CDI 2.0 containers make writing portable extensions easier. “Portable extensions don’t need to know anything about the main method. User code doesn’t need to know anything about portable extensions.” For more news about CDI 2.0 follow the twitter account @cdispec and CDI blog 

The JAX-RS 2.0 announced an early draft in Q1 this year. Pavel Bucek is joining the project as a new lead for JAX-RS 2.1. [ Mailing list, JSR 370 ]

Spec lead Gunnar Morling wrote a detailed Bean Validation 2.0 progress report. In his blog, you will learn about the support for Java 8 and much more. [JSR 380]

Senior developer Zaery Moghaddam wrote the detailed “getting started with JSON-B” article. JSON Binding (JSON-B) provides mapping between JSON data and Java objects. He also created the  Java API for JSON Binding website. 

There is a proposal to transfer MVC project to the community. The EC will be voting on it and the ballot will close Jan 31st. [JSR 371]

JSF 2.3 is in Public Review Draft. Arjan Tijms wrote a detailed summary about what’s new [JSR 372]

On Twitter, you can find Java EE news by checking Java EE Moments on the @Java account. 

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