Java Clients at JavaOne 2016

By Guest Blogger Jonathan Giles

It's great to be a JavaOne content track reviewer (and for me this year, a track lead), because we get to see all the exciting submissions weeks in advance of their 'unveiling'. Now that anyone can see the excellent sessions that we have coming to the JavaOne Clients and User Interfaces track, it is about time to talk about some of my personal highlights.

My first pick would be 'Prototyping Automotive Apps with JavaFX [CON2609]' presented by Jens Ehrke. Jens works as a systems architect at Volkswagen AG, and in this session he is going to talk about an OSGi-based app framework that takes advantage of JavaFX to create highly-customised automotive applications for in-car dashboards and the like. For years people have talked about JavaFX going into new places, and it pleases me to no end to about how Volkswagen is pushing the limits and benefiting from JavaFX in cars.

Speaking of pushing JavaFX into new places, I can't skip over 'Welcome to the Next Level: Java 9 + Gluon + Mobile [CON3315]', where the Gluon guys (and I) talk about JavaFX invading the mobile landscape. As with cars, there are unique and challenging constraints on mobile devices, and it should be enlightening for everyone how JavaFX can be tuned to work well on constrained devices - because the same tuning tricks will no doubt be useful in other use cases too.

Getting off of Earth, I am very intrigued by the session 'Saturn on the Go: Deep-Space NASA Missions on Tablets with Gluon Mobile [CON3302]'. What Sean Phillips does every year at JavaOne is amaze us with the science of space and technology, and as always I am waiting with baited breath to see how JavaFX is benefitting him, his colleagues, and NASA this year!

Finally, I always enjoy being part of the 'Meet the Oracle JavaFX and JDK Client Team [BOF1463]' BOF at JavaOne - people really bring all their questions along, and we do our best to give you an answer straight from the development team. I encourage all Java Client developers to come along to this BOF if they have any burning questions about the future of Java Client.

I hope you all are looking forward to JavaOne. It is a highlight of the year for me - I get to come out of my home office, see the light, interact with like-minded friends, and recharge the batteries. I can't wait until September 18 rolls around! See you then.

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  • Towfik Alrazihi Monday, August 1, 2016
    Thank you guys so much for your hard work, but i think a lot of you wishes, instead of finding another way to make real Java on mobile works, a lot of my friend know start to learn android and web development, because they don't find ( at least until now) a real mobile windows.
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