Congratulations New Java Champion Oliver Gierke

Welcome New Java Champion Oliver Gierke

Oliver Gierke is leading the Spring Data project at Pivotal. He is an active member of the JCP expert group on JPA 2.1 and one of the main organizers of the JUG Saxony Day, OOP, JAX and WJAX conferences.

Oliver coined the Spring Data repository programming model which is a widely used Java abstraction to develop data access layers for relational and non-relational databases. This simplifies the way Java developers interact with persistence technologies as Spring Data provides an abstraction over APIs such as JPA. He is one of the leading experts on JPA and other persistence technologies. With Spring Data REST, he helped Java developers implement REST APIs. He also coined the Spring HATEOAS module and helped Java developers use hypermedia elements in REST APIs when using Spring MVC or JAX-RS.

Oliver is a consulting lecturer at the Chair of Software Engineering at TU Dresden helping students to get started with application development in Java. All of his material is available online: http://static.olivergierke.de/lectures/ This makes it easy for student developers to experiment with Java and receive a professional introduction to the language and Java development practices. 

Oliver contributes almost daily to diverse Open Source frameworks on Github, see https://github.com/olivergierke.  He is a frequent speaker at many conferences including BEDcon, OOP, JavaZone, Devoxx, SpringOne, JavaOne, JFokus, Øredev to name a few. Follow him at @olivergierke

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  • Rajendra Singh Sunday, February 19, 2017
    Congratulation Oliver Gierke !!!
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