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Jan/Feb Java Magazine: Java Embedded

January 28, 2013 By: Tori Wieldt
The age of embedded computing is here. Analysts predict that within this decade, we’ll see tens of billions of embedded computational devices entering our daily lives. And the possibilities for these “smart” devices are literally endless: connected vehicles, appliances, utility meters, medical devices, industrial controllers, and even a contraption that monitors how much alcohol your local bartender pours into your cocktail.

The Jan/Feb issue of Java Magazine is focused on embedded, and we explore why Java is the best language choice for embedded development. It includes:mag cover

Java Nation
 - Get the news from JavaOne Brazil, Devoxx, and more.

Embedded Everywhere
 - Terrence Barr talks about Java and the Internet of Things.

Top Ten Reasons for Using Java in Embedded Apps - Simon Ritter explains why Java is the best language for embedded development.

Java Arrives on a $25 Board - Meet Raspberry Pi Foundation Cofounder Eben Upton.

JCP Executive Q&A - Credit Suisse Susanne Cech Previtali and Victor Grazi share Credit Suisse’s distinctive perspective.

Demystifying invokedynamic -Julien Ponge shows you how to use invokedynamic in your code.

Integrating Web and Java Client Applications with Social Media - Johan Vos gives you the scoop on integrating your applications with social media.

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