Favorite Moments of JavaOne

There are so many events and sessions to attend at JavaOne, it's unfair to ask people to choose just one thing they liked, but here are some favorite moments:

I loved meeting many open source contributors and friends I have not met in person before and seeing that projects like e.g. Hudson are alive and kicking and have a great future ahead of them.

-Manfred Moser

My "The Problem with Women" session. It had LOADS of interactivity from the audience, who really helped to make that session. I came out if it with a real sense of optimism - we love our jobs, we love what we do, and we should be proud of telling everyone about it to attract different talent into the industry. (Read her blog JavaOne: The Problem With Women - A Technical Approach for details.)

-Trish Gee

My kudos to Oracle for making the presentation materials quickly available to the public. Some of them were already available during JavaOne. Lots of slide decks are already there, and in some cases you may even find the video recordings too. Go to http://www.oracle.com/javaone and select JavaOne Technical Sessions.


-Yakov Fain


I loved that not only was James Gosling present at the Community Keynote (which felt more like the keynotes of old times [big space, big screens, fun and tech]) but he was also found wandering the halls of the Hilton the day prior. Bring back James! Add back the toys section in the Community Keynote. Let the t-shirt tossing begin anew. These are "small" things that really fire up the community.

-Andres Almiray


Seeing James Gosling at JavaOne was a real shot in the arm for Java. He needs to be there every year.

-Frank Greco

+42 on having James and the T-shirt tossing.

-Stephan Janssen

The session "Integrate Java with Robots, Home Automation, Musical Instruments, and Kinect." Fabiane Nardon explained connecting Jenkins to jHome to a truck horn placed in their sysadmin's bedroom. She dubbed it "extreme feedback."

-Tori Wieldt

The User Group Forum [on Sunday] was a success! Congratulations Bruno Souza and John Yeary and everybody that were involved. I believe it really helps to increase community participation! There were lots of interesting talks, and great discussion with JUG leaders and members. Thank you Oracle for supporting that!

-Yara Senger

My favorite session was the "Modern Software Development Anti-Patterns" by Martijn Verburg and Ben Evans. It was amazing to see Martijn acting as the Diabolic Developer and Ben Evans as the voice of heaven/good. They are really rock stars and their session is rather a show! You can still learn a lot, but you get a break from the packed session schedule (I tried to visit as many sessions as possible, putting accent on social, JUG related events), free your mind and laugh.

-Csaba Toth

I loved the "fishbowl" sessions during user group Sunday. It was a great format that allowed a lot of participation -- myself included!


What was your favorite moment? Please comment!

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