Oracle Nominates SouJava and Goldman Sachs for Ratified JCP Executive Committee Seats

The revitalization of the Java Community Process continues: For the Executive Committee Special Election (ends May 9), in which two ratified seats are open, Oracle has nominated two very worthy, and very complementary, candidates.

Just to refresh your memory, in January 2011, Oracle nominated the Brazil-based SouJava Java User Group, represented by Java Champion Bruno Souza, for one of those two ratified seats. (Nominees for ratified seats are proposed by Oracle in its role as the Java steward, but must be endorsed by a vote of the total JCP membership). SouJava is one of the oldest and largest Java user groups in the world, and by virtue of its national constituency, has deep roots into the Java and open-source communities. (Furthermore, as he likes to tell it, Bruno was also perhaps the first and only developer to actually pay for his JCP membership, back in the days when that was required.) The nomination of SouJava to be the first Java User Group member on the EC will give an even louder voice to the Java user group community and to the broader developer community, and will formally recognize the importance of Brazil in the Java world.

For the second ratified seat - and this process has taken some time due to the need to find a strong candidate - Oracle is nominating New York-based Goldman Sachs, represented by John Weir, Managing Director and CTO of Operations Technology. With this nomination, Oracle continues to deliver on its commitment to expand the representation of tech-savvy, non-vendor businesses with a very strong commitment to the success of Java. (Ericsson and Credit-Suisse are two other EC members in this category.)

For background purposes, consider the position statement provided by this nominee:

Goldman Sachs is a financial services firm built on its global technology enterprise. Technology is not only the largest division at Goldman Sachs, representing more than a quarter of the firm, but over two-thirds of its 8,000 members are application developers. With more than 130 million lines of Java code under management, development at Goldman Sachs is overwhelmingly Java-based, and there are more than 3,000 developers in its Java user group implementing systems which are then leveraged by over 10,000 end-users.

The firm custom-builds most of its software because of the unique technological problems presented by the nature and scale of its businesses; the critical importance of state-of-the-art capacity, latency and resilience; and the need to respond rapidly to clients. Its historical reliance on open source components, as well its extensive multi-vendor relationships, also give it deep experience with problems of interoperability and systems/software integration. As a major consumer of Java, Goldman Sachs is thus deeply invested in its future, and seeks to contribute to Java standards. We remain committed to the continued evolution of Java, both through the innovation of the broad Java community, and the ongoing process of standardization.

Oracle believes that considered in tandem, these two candidates offer the right balance of interests between corporate "consumers" of Java and the community at large. As Java ME Executive committee member John Rizzo of Aplix Corp. has described it, the former brings the perspective of a key industry investor, whereas the latter carries the voice and energy of a large and vibrant user community. Only with a diverse set of representatives from vendors, individuals, open source communities and participants, Java user groups, and technical leaders in businesses with strong Java practices, will the JCP be able to drive the kinds of changes needed to produce a better, more open, and more agile community process in the future.

JCP members, we need your participation to help make this happen! The Special Election ends on May 9, with members-elect taking their seats on May 10. Get involved - cast your vote!


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