Moving Java Forward: New Java Training!

With the Java 7 release, Oracle is offering professionals new Java SE 7 classes and JavaOne sessions. This summer and fall, high school and university students and teachers will have the chance to learn Alice, Greenfoot, BlueJ and Java in a Java Summer Workshop and at JavaOne 2011. A contest for the best coding is also on the menu with the Oracle Java Olympics – CIS Region.


Java SE 7 Training - New!

Oracle University has announced its updated Learning Paths for Java SE 7. Experienced Java programmers and developers should take the new 2-day Java SE 7 New Features course. For those just getting started with Java programming or looking to expand their knowledge or prepare for a certification exam, the core training courses for Java SE 7 will be updated in the coming months. And, of course, instructor-led and self-study training classes are still available from Oracle University for those who prefer to train on Java SE 6 for now.

JavaOne 2011 also will offer extensive training on Java SE 7 and the Java Platform with JavaOne Tracks as well as Java University. Save $400 by registering now

Learning Java from High School to University!

The Java programming language is a valuable skill to prepare today's students for the careers of tomorrow. Oracle is collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Kent to bring Alice, Greenfoot and BlueJ, three innovative tools to teach students programming and Java in a fun way. First time programmers have the option to use drag-and-drop interfaces and experienced students can use the coding interface. 

From Aug. 10th to 12th, 2011, 300 high school students and teachersfrom the Bay Area will create animations with thedrag and drop interfaces of Alice and Greenfoot during a 3-day Java Summer Workshop. Teachers and accompanying adults have the option of deepening their knowledge with the 2- day volunteer training on Aug. 8th and 9th. They will be better suited to assist students during the workshop and integrate Alice and Greefoot in their future activities and training. More information

Oct. 2th to 6th, 2011 at JavaOne, with the affordable Discover Pass, teachers and qualifying students can greatly benefit from the industry-leading Java conference. Students also can get a FREE ticket if they are enrolled for 6 units at accredited learning organizations. Space permitting, sessions, BOF (Bird-of-a-Feather) and HOL (Hands-on Labs) on Alice, Greenfoot, BlueJ and Java will be available to high school and university students and teachers. Participants will get the latest on Java software technology by attending JavaOne keynotes, visiting the exhibit hall and networking with top programmers in the industry. 

Oracle Java Olympics – CIS Region: Rewarding Top Programming Skills! 

This programming contest is for university students to write the best code with Java 7 and NetBeans. Organized this year with the collaboration of IT-Planet, the competition is available in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Starting in September, candidates will compete in 3 rounds, each consisting of an online quiz, a programming test and final test. Three finalists will be declared from twenty-one best student developers in Spring 2012.  



I would like to ask if there is a possibility to join the Oracle Java Olympics even if I'm not from mentioned states. Or is it possible to register state/university now?


Posted by Payne on August 01, 2011 at 10:31 PM PDT #

grand opportunity for java lovers like us

Posted by Lava Kafle on August 02, 2011 at 08:38 PM PDT #

Hello, sir i would like to ask that what is the scope of java training, what all topics should be covered and it is kinda bothering me … and has anyone studies from this course of core and advance java online ?? or tell me any other guidance...
would really appreciate help… and Also i would like to thank for all the information you are providing on java concepts.

Posted by christi parks on December 05, 2012 at 07:05 AM PST #

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