EOLing Java SE 6, JavaFX 1.2, and JavaFX 1.3

My favorite biology professor once said "We have to die, if we didn't, the planet would get awfully crowded!" We've just got to put an end to some things so we can focus on the new. It's with that thought in mind that we discuss the End of Life(EOL) of some Java releases. It's always been that Java releases are EOLed after a certain time and users are encouraged to migrate to the latest release. With such a long time between Java 6 and Java 7, maybe people forgot that EOLing happens at all!

The EOL date of Java SE 6 is November 2012. EOL doesn't mean you can't use a Java release. EOL just means the end of public support and fixes, and for that reason, you are encouraged to update to the latest stable release(Java SE 7 has great features and enhancements!). If you need support after the EOL, you can get Java SE Support from Oracle.

In the JavaFX world, JavaFX 1.2 and JavaFX 1.3 have been EOLed. This is end of support for JavaFX script. If you are currently creating JavaFX 1.x applications, you are strongly encouraged to migrate your applications to JavaFX 2. Let's make room for the next generation of Java.

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when will java.com Download page be updated to Java7 ? it would be more easier for us to make our clients install from there..

Posted by guest on March 06, 2012 at 07:08 AM PST #

How about this at java.com? Java 7 is not available jet for public ...

Why is Java SE 7 not yet available on java.com?

The new release of Java is first made available to the developers to ensure no major problems are found before we make it available on the java.com website for end users to download the latest version. If you are interested in trying Java SE 7 it can be downloaded from Oracle.com.

Posted by 3OJIOTO on March 08, 2012 at 06:05 AM PST #

We'll not all things last forever. This may be the EOL for some Java Releases but we have to make way for the new ones. This ain't bad for us developers, in fact this is another innovation in Java Technology, using Java for my applications makes me happy, with it's new releases, mastering it would be a much more adventurous and challenging thing for me. Yeah! New sets of skills...

Posted by guest on March 16, 2012 at 02:28 AM PDT #

I wouldn't have a problem with Java 6 EOL being this November if the Java.com version had been updated to Java 7 last November. Java.com makes it seem like Java 7 isn't ready for production yet, so it seems a bit premature to be talking about 6's EOL so soon now.

Posted by Scott on March 28, 2012 at 10:30 AM PDT #

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