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EclipseCon 2011: Oracle, Java and Open Source!

March 24, 2011 By: Yolande Poirier
Not everyone knows that Oracle is a long-time strategic member and board member of the Eclipse Foundation and the second main contributor to its projects. Their relationship is even more critical since Oracle became the steward of Java. As Mike Milinkovich, from the Eclipse Foundation, puts it on OpenJDK panel "as goes Java, so goes Eclipse" since Java is the dominant technology on Eclipse.

A third of the keynote's room was surprised that IBM joined OpenJDK project but everyone agreed that it was a good thing. Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle and John Duimovich, Java CTO at IBM, called the recent developments a "Java Renaissance". The Java Community Process is functioning again and approved Java SE 7 JSR. IBM, Apple and Redhat are now participating in OpenJDK so the same code base will be implemented on more platforms. The improvements to the Java platform are underway with JDK 7 developer preview, Project Coin and the JDK 7 releases. JDK 8 and 9 features are also being discussed. In investing in Java and its ecosystem, Oracle is looking after its own interest since most of its products are written in Java and those products represent an important part of its indirect revenue.

Responding to all the uncertainty about the future of Java, IBM joined the OpenJDK project to show its commitment to Java. As John Duimovich explains "we believe in the future of Java. We have a lot of products in Java, making direct revenue." IBM wants to reinforce the JCP process, contribute resources to improve transparent processes and contribute to, evaluate and improve to the OpenJDK project with IBM's deep expertise and experience. The collaboration main goal is to enrich the Java ecosystem: encourage more contributors to join OpenJDK and create more reference implementations for Java SE.

With 17 tutorials and regular sessions during the 4 day event, Oracle was a Gold sponsor. The sessions covered technologies and products for developers to increase their productivity and scale their projects. With a more commercial purpose, were sessions about OpenJDK, HotRockit, Beanstalk, EcipseLink DBWS, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and more. For a broader eclipse community, there were sessions about improvements to the Java language with Project Coin and to OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications using GlassFish. Also presented were Eclipse projects, that Oracle engineers are contributing to: Gemini, Virgo, Sapphire and Web Tool Platform.

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