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Duke's Choice Award Nominations Close Friday!

June 13, 2012 By: Tori Wieldt

The Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology. Nominate an individual, a group or company who show the best in Java innovation. Nominate at Nominations are open until this Friday, June 15! Nominate using an easy online form.

What can winning a Duke's Choice Award do for you? Let's find out. Last year, Trish Gee, senior developer, and the LMAX Exchange team won a Duke's Choice Award for the LMAX Disruptor. An innovative, multi-threaded, open-source concurrent programming framework, the LMAX Disruptor is designed for high-performance and low-latency transaction processing. LMAX Exchange wants to build the fastest trading platform in the world. We asked her about the impact of winning a Duke's Choice award.

Oracle Technology Network: What was it like to win a Duke's Choice Award?

Gee: It was a big surprise and a really exciting thing to win the Duke's Choice Award! I submitted our nomination thinking that we were doing something interesting in the Java ecosystem, but I expected that we were a bit niche, and a bit too unknown, to win. It was really cool to win, and even more amazing when Oracle folks I spoke to had actually heard of the Disruptor and understood what it was about. In particularly I really enjoyed the awards ceremony at JavaOne and the chance to meet the other award winners. I've met a few of them since at other conferences so it was great to have that in common and to have been introduced in the past.

Oracle Technology Network: What benefits have you gotten from being a "Duke's Choice Award Winner?"

Gee: Other than putting the "Duke's Choice Winner" logo on all our conference slides?? Personally I think it makes people pay attention a little more - at the start of this year there were still lots of people who had never heard of the Disruptor or of LMAX, but when they see an award like that, some of them sit up and start to listen - it's not just any old open source project that's there to sell something.

The biggest benefit that open sourcing the Disruptor has given LMAX is in the recruitment area - since December we've nearly doubled the number of developers in the team. Previously we always found it hard to attract and retain the right sort of talent - London is a great city to be a Java developer in - and since we started talking about the Disruptor we've found good developers seeking us, and other developers we've approached being open to working for our company. Winning the Duke's Choice Award has definitely been a part of this, it lends credibility to what we've done and given us visibility on a global scale.

Oracle Technology Network: How is LMAX project doing today?

Gee: LMAX is doing better than ever - we're smashing the financial targets we've set for ourselves, we have more users than ever, and as I said we're in the process of growing the technology team so we can scale up to the demands from our users and from our business. We're in an interesting stage at the moment, we're getting big enough and successful enough to be growing out of start-up mode, and we've got some interesting challenges as we scale the company, the teams, and the platform.

Oracle Technology Network: What are you up to these days?

Gee: I'm still at LMAX, still coding away as a Real Life Developer. As well as that, JavaOne gave me the push I needed to start presenting at these conferences, so I've presented at a number of international conferences and obviously quite a few London-based ones, mostly talking about the Disruptor. I'll be at JavaOne again this year presenting my "User's Guide to the Disruptor", and I'm on a panel for the London Java Community's presentation on the JCP. The LJC and associated JCP work keeps me nearly as busy as LMAX, so much so that one thing I've not been doing as much of this year is the blogging that got me to this position in the first place. Oh, and I wrote that Disruptor article for Java Magazine!

Read more about Trish in the "Heroes of Java" series by . Her Twitter handle is @Trisha_Gee. Now go nominate someone for the Duke's Choice Awards!

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