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DevoxxUK: Amazing

June 16, 2014 By: Tori Wieldt
"If you're curious, London's an amazing place." -David Bailey

"If you're a curious developer, DevoxxUK is an amazing conference." -Tori Wieldt

DevoxxUK is in the books, and by all accounts, it was a success. It had more attendees, more sessions and more sponsors than last year. Java and Java 8 got lots of attention. There were several sessions on Lambdas and other Java 8 features. Venkat Subramanian's session "Programming with Lamdba Expressions" was full. He explained that Lambdas are good in themselves, but their real value is showing you what's possible with the Streams API. "Lambdas are the gateway drug to Streams" he said with a laugh. Experts discussed JavaFX, security, Java EE, and, of course IoT.

Dick Wall showed his Internet of Things Venn diagram, and explained that IoT is exploding. He admitted that his dog has a fitness band and "my dog is wifi enabled!" Wall said it's not just the internet any more, it's the "ubiquinet."

DevoxxUK had a good vibe throughout, with chances to hang out and hack. There were also expert panels to discuss the state of the industry.

At the closing keynote, Martijn Verburg summarized some key takeaways:

  • Java SE 8, if you aren't using it today, start using it tomorrow.
  • Hook Java 8 into your CI server
  • Now is the time to start thinking functional
  • The bigotry for/against other languages for the JVM has been tempered by reality. Each language has cases when it is best, but they won't completely replace the Java language.
  • Every developer is an Architect. If you are an architect who doesn't code regularly, "you should quit right now." If you are a developer who isn't comfortable considering the architecture of applications and working on a whiteboard, then "you should consider another profession."
  • Treat security like testing, it should be part of all your apps
  • The Church of Agile is falling (common sense FTW!)
  • Developers should be a DevOps pro - automate everything you can
Sorry you missed it? Stay tuned for several OTN videos with conference speakers to be published on the and/or mark your calendar for 17-20 June, 2015.

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