• November 17, 2010

Devoxx Conference Gets Off To A Great Start!

The three day conference is punctuated by a series of keynotes on the future of Java, Java SE and EE. In today's keynote Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect, Java Platform Group at Oracle, presented "Java SE: The Road Ahead." He went over the main themes of future releases: productivity, performance, universality, modularity, integration and serviceability. The road ahead is Java SE 7 in mid- 2011 with most of "Project Coin" and Java SE 8 in mid-2012 with Lambda expressions and "Project Jigsaw"

The other two big subjects of the day were JAX-RS and Java Persistence 2.0. Also known as JSR-311, JAX-RS facilitates the creation of RESTful web services with Java and the Java JVM. Paul Sandoz, co-spec lead for JAX-RS, explored its integration with Java EE 6 and especially with Servlet 3.0, CDI 1.0 and EJB 3.1. The features of JAX-RS 2.0, the next version, and its potential for integration with other technologies, were also discussed. The other popular subject was Java Persistence 2.0, the API for object-relational mapping for Java EE and SE. Linda DeMichiel, Senior Architect, went over the key new features: the object relational mapping and modeling. A lot of the new features are based on developer feedback.

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