Thursday May 15, 2014

Win a Trip to JavaOne!

There are two weeks left to enter the IoT Developer Challenge! This is your chance to win one of 12 JavaOne trips. Submit a project video and the code of an Java Embedded application using any boards, devices, IoT technology like sensors, lights, camera, and more. The final deadline is May 30.

Here's how to enter
  1. Create a well-implemented, innovative and useful application using Java Embedded with devices, boards or other IoT technologies.
  2. Make a video presenting your project.
  3. Fill out the Submission Form with links to your video and code. 
The projects will be judged based on quality of implementation, innovation and usefulness
  • Quality: a well-implemented project with working code and that uses Oracle Java Embedded with computer boards, devices or IoT technologies
  • Innovation: a new and innovative way of using Java Embedded
  • Usefulness: a project that meets a business need
Prizes will be awarded in two categories: professional and student. They include paid team trips to JavaOne 2014 for a 
Professional category – 3 winning teams 
  •  A winning team receives prizes for up to 3 members
  •  Prize: JavaOne pass + up to $2,000USD for flight and hotel  (Hilton – SF)
Student category – 3 winning teams  prizes sponsored by Oracle Academy 
  •  1st prize: JavaOne pass + up to $2,000 USD for flight and hotel 
  •  2nd & 3rd prize: A laptop and a certification voucher 
Key Dates: 
  • Submission deadline is May 30, 2014
  • Winners announced June 30, 2014
  • JavaOne, San Francisco 2014 from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, 2014
For more details, visit

Oracle Massive Open Online Course: Develop Java Embedded Applications Using a Raspberry Pi

Start Date: Friday , May 30th, 2014 3:00 pm GMT

Based on the overwhelming response for the Java Embedded MOOCwe are offering the course again!

Have you wondered what the future of embedded devices looks like?

Have you ever wanted to create your own weather station or design a device to control the lights in your home automatically?

All of these questions will be answered in this practical hands-on course. This course introduces Java developers to the world of embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Embedded controllers are already a part of our lives. Meters read electric and water usage and send the readings to a central office. Electronic thermostats turn on the heat and air conditioning as required.

Java Embedded leverages your experience with Java to open the world of the Internet of Things by providing direct access to electronic sensors and mechanical devices.

Presented by: Tom McGinn, Angela Caicedo, Jim Weaver, Simon Ritter

Register for the Java Embedded MOOC now! Order your gear! Jump into IoT!

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Crack the Raspberry Pi. Win a JavaOne Trip!

Want to learn everything there is to know about the Raspberry Pi?  These three videos walk you through the software setup and connections to sensors and other IoT technologies. With this free 40 minute training, developers of any background can build a project with the Raspberry Pi and Java. If you are looking for more sensors, cameras and other gadgets to create a breakthrough application, just visit or, and they will send you the equipment you need in couple of days. 

Once you have that cool project running, submit a video of how it works and the code to the IoT Developer Challenge. This is your chance to win a trip to JavaOne 2014, the premier Java conference, where you can meet the most seasoned and innovative Java developers in the world. 

There is no time to waste!  Only 15 days are left before the Challenge deadline on May 30 

Watch the videos in the order shown below 

Technical Article: Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE

Check out the technical article "Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE" on OTN. This article shows how to use NetBeans IDE 7.4 to develop a Swing-based "to-do" application, and it demonstrates the use of a rich client platform (RCP). 

The example application builds a to-do list, which is commonly found as part of privileged identity management (PIM) suites. The article doesn't just demo the NetBeans IDE's RCP features; it also sticks to object-oriented best practices, showing that you can develop GUI applications quickly and interactively without compromising long-term maintenance and a sound architecture.

Along the way, you'll take the NetBeans IDE visual editor through its paces. Also, you can learn many features that NetBeans IDE provides to increase developer productivity. 

Author Ioannis (John) Kostaras is a software architect and has been a Java developer since JDK 1.0. Kostaras has developed a number of standalone and web applications focusing on flexible object-oriented design and security. One such RCP application, written in NetBeans, was awarded the 2012 Duke's Choice Community Choice Award. (Kostaras reminded us that he is co-organizing "the hottest Java conference on earth," JCrete.) This technical article is an update of "A Complete App Using NetBeans 5" by Fernando Lozano, which was originally published in NetBeans Magazine.

Read "Build a Rich Client Platform To-Do Application in NetBeans IDE" now.

Monday May 12, 2014

New Java Champions: Simon Maple and Trisha Gee

Congratulations to the new Java Champion Simon Maple and Trisha Gee!

Simon Maple (UK) is a Technical Evangelist at ZeroTurnaround, but is less about preaching and more about discussion and interaction. His passion is around technical communities and is the founder of the vJUG (virtualJUG), an active member of the LLondon Java Community (LJC) organizing group as well as the LJC JCP EC committee. Simon used to be a tester, developer and technical evangelist for IBM on the WebSphere Application Server for 12 years prior to joining ZeroTurnaround. He enjoys playing and watching football (spherical variety), drinking tea and spending quality time with his family. Visit Simon's blog and follow him on Twitter @sjmaple

Trisha Gee (UK) has expertise in Java high performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and right now is getting to grips with working in an Open Source fashion as a developer for MongoDB Inc, where she contributes to the Java driver and Morphia. Trisha blogs regularly on subjects that she thinks developers and other humans should care about, and she’s a leader of the Sevilla Java User Group and a key member of the London Java Community - she believes we shouldn't all have to make the same mistakes again and again. You can follow her on Twitter at @trisha_gee.

As in music, this British Invasion should turn out well. 

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help Oracle grow the Java Platform. Nominees are named and selected through a peer review process. (Current Oracle employees are not eligible.) Learn more at the Java Champions page on

Friday May 09, 2014

Maker Faire = Java + IoT

Join us at the Bay Area Maker Faire May 17 & 18 at the San Mateo Event Center. 

The Maker Faire bills itself as "a family-friend festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement." Sounds like a place Java should be!  Oracle is sponsoring a booth with lots of interactive activities for Makers of all ages. There will be Java Embedded experts there to answer your questions. You'll also be able to get hand-on with the Internet of Things! Here are some of the fun activities:

IoT Java Panel
Learn how you can use different boards running Java SE Embedded or Java ME Embedded to:

  • Control lights using a guitar or flute
  • Use Twitter to control sensors
  • Call a number to turn on a lamp or pop-corn machine
  • Use Google Voice to ask about sensor value

DIY Tables Demo Area
Eight workstations with a Raspberry Pi. Each Raspberry Pi has a dual sensor board that can detect proximity and luminosity. You can send a tweet or a text message to create a series of “if-this-then-that” actions. You can combine actions to:  

  • Move a robotic arm
  • Change the color of the Philips Hue light bulb
  • Turn on a table fan 
  • Send a tweet, text message, or take a picture
  • Make a Sphero roll around 

Minecraft Java IoT Cube 4D
We'll show you how you can use Java to modify Minecraft and interact with the game in new ways.

If you are in the SF Bay Area, don't miss the Maker Faire for you and your kids.

Thursday May 08, 2014

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

Globalcode Founder Vinicius Senger will demonstrate how to build a simple application using a Raspberry Pi. This hangout session will be at 8:00 am in Sao Paulo, Brazil; 6pm in Jakarta, Indonesia; 11:00am GMT; 4:30pm in Chennai, India; 8:00pm in Tokyo Japan; 3:00pm in Moscow, Russia 

The Challenge deadline is coming up fast! To enter the IoT Developer Challenge, submit a video and the code of a project by May 30. The requirement is to use Java Embedded with boards, devices or IoT technologies. 

Don't miss this chance to win a trip to JavaOne 2014 for you and 2 members of your team. Three teams will win! This is great opportunity for folks to gain exposure and recognition.

Free tutorials, code samples, coaching and forums support are available on the Challenge website to help you. To receive reminders and news, subscribe to the news on the Challenge homepage.

Oracle Excellence Awards: Java Business Innovation

Are you using the Java platform to embed innovation within your business or achieve market advantage? If you have taken Oracle’s Java Embedded technologies to a new vertical market, are leveraging inherent Java capabilities such as security and portability to address industry challenges, or are building out a new product based on Oracle’s Java Embedded technologies, you may be eligible for the Java Business Innovation award, part of the Oracle Excellence Awards program.

Nominations close Friday, June 20, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. (PT)

The Java Business Innovation award recognizes Java customers and partners who are using the Oracle Java Embedded platform to drive innovation within their business or product development. The award is open to Java customers and partners who have already launched a product based on Oracle Java Embedded or have one in the development phase. The recipient of this high-profile annual award will be selected based on the degree to which Java technology is used in new scenarios or pioneers Oracle Java Embedded usage in new markets or products.

Wednesday May 07, 2014

DevoxxUK: Mind the Geek

Run by top developer talent, community groups and expert event specialists, the British progeny of Devoxx returns to London for a 2-day conference focused on Java, web, mobile and JVM languages. 

Devoxx UK 2014 includes Rock Star speakers, Community leaders, authors, JSR leads and more. Running June 12th & 13th, 2014, the packed schedule includes presentations and hands-on labs delivered by industry veterans, mavericks and rising stars, both UK and Internationally based. Check this impressive line-up of sessions

In addition to awesome conference sessions, DevoxxUK inspiring keynotes, tons of open-table Birds of a Feather sessions (BOFs), Quickies, Ignites and plenty of space to hang out with other developers. One of the great activities is the Hackergarten, where can you work an Open Source project of your choice. The Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR Program folks will be there to help you contribute back to Java SE and Java EE itself!  Bring your laptop and be ready to get your hands dirty.

In this video, program committee members Mark Hazell and Ellie May discuss the exciting activities they have planned. These Devoxxians have done an outstanding job of planning the conference. Their dedication and enthusiasm are obvious.

Devoxx UK will be held at the Business Design Centre, London, a former Victorian agricultural hall situated in Islington, only one stop away from Kings Cross/St Pancras (Eurostar terminal).

Monday May 05, 2014

Java Virtual Developer Day May 6th

Please join us for the Virtual Developer Day: Java 2014 on May 6th (tomorrow!)

9:00 a.m. ‐ 1:00 p.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. ‐ 4:00 p.m. EDT / 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. BRT

We've got a great agenda: technical topics by the real Java experts. Join us for the whole event or a single session; it's a great investment in you. This is a free event, but you must register.


Time (PT)

8:45 a.m.

Event Platform Opening

9:00 a.m.

Keynote - Java: Present and Future

Java EE 7

Java SE 8

Java Embedded

9:30 a.m.

Java API for WebSocket + Demo (9.30-10.10)

55 New Features in Java SE 8 (9.30-10.30)

Coffee with Dessert: Java SE & ME 8 Embedded and the Raspberry Pi

10:10 a.m.

Java API for JSON Processing + Demo (10.10-10.50)

55 New Features in Java SE 8 (con'd) (9.30-10.30)

Coffee with Dessert: Java SE & ME 8 Embedded and the Raspberry Pi (con'd)

10:10 a.m.

Java API for JSON Processing + Demo (10.10-10.50)

Things you should know when developing JavaFX applications

Using Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Embedded Java to Make Big Data Smaller 

10:50 a.m.

JMS 2.0 (Java Message Service)

Things you should know when developing JavaFX applications (con'd)

Using Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Embedded Java to Make Big Data Smaller (con'd)


11:10 a.m.

JAX-RS 2.0
(Java API for RESTful Web Services)

Things you should know when developing JavaFX applications (con'd)

Using Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Embedded Java to Make Big Data Smaller (con'd)

11:30 a.m.

Break and Dedicated Java Community Lounge Time

11:45 a.m.

Batch API for the Java Platform + Demo

Lambda Expressions Tutorial (11.45-12.30)

Talking to the Real World With the Device Access API

12:30 p.m.

Concurrency Utilities for Java EE + Demo

Up and Running with NetBeans IDE

Big Tools for Small Devices

1:00 p.m.

Event Close

Register now and we'll see you online!


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