Tuesday Jul 09, 2013

Servlet 3.1 in Java EE 7

Java EE 7 is live, and it includes many changes in 14 active JSRs. One of them is Servlet 3.1. Java Servlets extend and enhance Web servers. They are a provide a component-based, platform-independent method for building Web-based applications, without the performance limitations of CGI programs. And unlike proprietary server extension mechanisms, servlets are server- and platform-independent. 

Several of the new features in Servlet 3.1 are in the area of security. Spec Lead Shing Wai Chan told OTN "the changes in Servlet 3.1 will make development much easier, especially in the areas of role mapping." He has written some blogs about the new functionality in Servlet 3.1:

Security Constraint by Role
Prior to Servlet 3.1, web containers use proprietary mechanisms to add security-constraints for any authenticated user. See how you can create security constraints for authenticated users. 

One of the new security features is deny-uncovered-http-methods.

Protocol Upgrade 
Servlet 3.1 now provides support for protocol upgrade.

For more information

Follow Shing Wai Chan's blog

Visit the JSR-340 page, where you can download the Servlet 3.1 spec.

Monday Jul 08, 2013

Java Embedded Keynote at Jfokus 2014 now Available!

Senior Director of Product Management Henrik Stahl presented the keynote titled "Taking Development to the Edge."

"There is no cap in the number of devices you can have. You can have a device in every light bulb in your house. In your car, you might have 200 devices. They all will have to be programmed, secured and updated remotely" he commented. 

According to ARM, there are some 2,000 developers who program on embedded systems today. Java developers can easily build a career programming embedded systems because Java has technical and business advantages in the space. 

Henrik gives an update Java releases and presents use cases in smart grid, healthcare, traffic management, transportation, telemetry and more. 

Jfokus is an annual developer conference focusing on JVM languages and Java technologies. International rock-star speakers present the latest innovations and trends in the Java ecosystems.  Jfokus 2014 will be from February 3rd to 5th, 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

Devoxx Belgium - CFP Closes On July 5th

The biggest Java conference in Europe is taking place in Antwerp, Belgium from November 11 to 15, 2013. The conference is designed by developers for developers and attracts renowned international speakers.

The review committee looks for passionate speakers who are technically knowledgeable and not afraid to speak in front of a full room of Devoxxians.

The speakers can increase CFP acceptance rate by submitting one or more talks for Tools in Action, Quickie, BOF, University session, Conference and Hands On Labs sessions.

Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Belgrade Open Source Software Development Center

A new Open Source Software Development Center is open at University of Belgrade Serbia. It centers around using Java & NetBeans as open source projects to learn from and contribute to. Assistant Professor Zoran Sevarac says that not only does the center allow him to teach software development using open source projects, but also "we are improving our University courses based on the experience we get from working on open source code." 

Some of the projects underway are a NetBeans UML plugin; Neuroph (a Java neural network framework, with a NetBeans Platform-based UI); a NetBeans DOAP Plugin; WorkieTalkie (NetBeans chat plugin); and 2D and 3D visualization plugins for NetBeans. Here's video describing the NetBeans UML plugin:

University of Belgrade also has an official university course about open source development, where students learn to use development tools, work in teams, participate in open source projects and learn from real world software development projects.

Students, teachers, and researchers at the University of Belgrade, and any member of the open source community are welcome to come to learn software development from successful open source projects. For more information, you can contact Zoran Sevarac (@neuroph on Twitter). 

Monday Jul 01, 2013

Java EE 7 Launch Videos

You asked for it, and you got it! Here are the many technical videos from the Java EE 7 launch:

Java EE 7 Launch Webinar Technical Breakouts

See the YouTube/GlassFish channel for all the latest.


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