Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

New Java Champion: Charlie Nutter

Congratulations to the newest Java Champion, Charles Oliver Nutter!

Charlie is the main force (along with Thomas Enebo) behind JRuby, a JVM-based Ruby implementation that competes extremely well on features and performance with other Ruby implementations. Charlie was instrumental from day one in ensuring that the new invokedynamic functionality worked well for dynamic languages on the JVM. He continues to work on the JVM for other languages today, regularly contributing to the hotspot mailing lists and JVM Language summit etc.  

Charlie is a regular conference speaker (Javaone RockStar, OSCON etc) where his deep dive talks on invokedymanic, bytecode and the latest JVM features are always in high demand. He's an OReilly author (Using JRuby), has a well-read blog and Twitter handle (@Headius).

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help Oracle grow the Java Platform. 

Thursday Feb 07, 2013

Java and a Myriad of Toys!

Developers and Oracle technologists are creating projects using Java embedded with the Raspberry PI, robots, Lego and more.

Java architect, Hinkmond Wong just completed a series of blogs about connecting a robot Servo to Raspberry Pi and using Java Embedded to program it. In this 3 part series, he mentions the materials to buy and the configuration steps.

Java evangelist Steven Chin hacked with Java developers during the NightHacking Nordic Tour. At the Java user group JUGICE, he gave a Raspberry Pi presentation followed by a lab.  He also did a Raspberry Pi hacking with Pär Sikö and Martin Gunnarsson

Java evangelist Simon Ritter demonstrates mind control by turning a Lego windmill using only his brain. His experiment is featured in the Java Magazine Embedded Everywhere issue.   

In a Jfokus talk, James Gosling discussed Java development for oceanic robots at Liquid Robotics. One of his challenges is connecting the robots to data centers to stream the data collected at the bottom of the ocean.

Monday Feb 04, 2013


The annual Free Open-Source Developers' European Meeting took place last weekend in Belgium. The free event brought together 5,000 hackers from the open source community. There were 477 speakers and 488 sessions with a mix of keynotes, lightning talks, certification exams and developer rooms talks.

Tasha Carl, Java architect and the leader of the Brussels Java user group, wrote a blog about FOSDEM and the Free Java developer room. She mentioned Java talks and posted pictures making you feel as if you were there. "The Free Java dev room at FOSDEM is since many years the biggest OpenJDK meet-up around. You can not only see, but really high-five celebrities like – this year – Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, Sean Coffey, Oracle JDK engineer and maintainer of OpenJDK 7u, Steve Poole, developer and evangelist working since ever  for IBM on the JVM, Simon Phipps, Andrew Haley, Charles Nutter, JRuby lead developer speaking about InvokeDynamic,…" she commented.

In another blog, Mani mentioned that "the OpenJDK topic has got massive coverage with 17 speakers, speaking and holding events covering various topics." Java community leaders including Martijn Verburg and Ben Evans were involved in the Java track. In addition to Brussels JUG, members of LJC JUG, CEJUG and others participated at the event.

In her blog, Heather VanCura shares the Java Community Process (JCP) presentation titled "JCP State of the Nation and Future Directions," as well as links to JCP.Next and the community program Adopt-a-JSR programs.

Friday Feb 01, 2013

Critical Patch Update for Java SE

Oracle just released the February 2013 Critical Patch Update for Java SE. Oracle accelerated the release of this update because active exploitation “in the wild” of one of the vulnerabilities affecting the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in desktop browsers has been addressed with this Critical Patch Update. In addition to a number of security in-depth fixes, this update contains fixes for 50 security vulnerabilities. Oracle strongly recommends that customers apply CPU fixes as soon as possible. You can read details on the Oracle Software Security Assurance Blog.

Released today is:

  • Java SE 7 Update 13
  • Java SE 6 Update 39
  • JavaFX 2.2.5

Consumers can get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Java.com. Developers can get the Java Development Kit (JDK) from the Oracle Technology Network.  

The JCP Evolution!

Recent changes to the Java Community Process (JCP) program "focus on the way the organization itself is structured and organized" explained Patrick in this interview.  The changes will result from the implementation of three Java Specification Requests (JSRs). The first JSR, the JSR 348, makes the process more open and transparent to facilitate developers' participation. It was released a year ago and Heather witnessed increased transparency in projects,  additional participation and a simplified release process. "They are using public issue trackers and public discussion alias on projects. More people from the community are commenting and participating in the JSRs. The process of releasing final and maintenance releases is more agile," she commented.

She explained the different options for developers' participation in the JCP. Java user groups may become JCP members at no charge and contribute as a group. Individuals and user groups can contribute to the community initiative Adopt-A-JSR. Developers can give feedback on the transparency of a JSR process. Individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations (JUGs for example) can join the JCP. They then can comment on specs, join an expert group and become a spec lead

Information about the JCP program is available at jcp.org. Watch the recent presentation about Adopt-a-JSR with Martin Verburg and Java EE 7 JSR projects with Arun Gupta


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