Wednesday Oct 10, 2012

The JavaFX Community Site on

Community activity surrounding JavaFX has been steadily growing, with tweets, blog posts, and projects increasing in number. We are pleased to announce that there is now a JavaFX community site on at the following URL:

This site is an aggregator of JavaFX information, where you can find links to JavaFX blog posts, tweets, and other resources.  Gerrit Grunwald and Jim Weaver are the community leaders for this site, and they welcome your feedback on how to make the JavaFX Community site more useful to you!

Learn more on Jim Weaver’s Rich-Client Java Blog

Monday Oct 08, 2012

JavaOne Content Available for Free

JavaOne content is available in video in three sizes, depending on if you want to have a sip, have a drink, or go to the proverbial firehose.

Tall (Keynote Highlights)

Go to the JavaOne playlist on the YouTube Java channel for highlights of the JavaOne Keynotes. 

Grande (Keynotes in Full)

Go to the Oracle Media Network JavaOne 2012 channel to view the keynotes in full (Community Keynote coming soon).

Venti (All Sessions, BOFs and Tutorials)

To view slides paired with audio of each session, go to the JavaOne content catalog (JavaOne homepage, click on JavaOne Technical Sessions) and select a session. If a video is available, you'll see "Media" in the right column. Look under "Presentation Download" to get the slides. Sessions are being made available as quickly as possible.

"It's exciting to see Oracle take community stewardship so seriously," said Sharat Chander, Group Director for Java Technology Outreach. "Making all JavaOne sessions on video available online for free will helps make the future Java for everyone." Thanks to Oracle for funding this and providing to it to the Java Community for free.

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Huge Opportunity in Small Things

Addressing the strong demand for Java in the embedded market, Oracle is hosting a new Java Embedded @ JavaOne event in San Francisco October 3-4. The event allows decision makers to attend the Java Embedded @ JavaOne business-focused program, while their IT/development staff can attend the technically-focused JavaOne conference. [Obligatory comment about suits & ties vs. jeans & T-shirts removed.]

The two-day event includes keynotes, sessions and demonstrations. In his keynote this morning, Judson Althoff, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Alliances and Channels and Embedded Sales, Oracle explained 
  • Devices are all around us - on 24x7, connected all the time.
  • The explosion of devices is the next IT revolution.
  • Java is the right solution for this space.
  • Java embedded solutions provide a framework to  provision, manage, and secure devices. 
  • Java embedded solutions also provide the ability to aggregate, process and analyze multitude of data. 
  • Java is one platform to program them all.
Terrance Barr, Java Evangelist and Java ME expert is enthusiastic about the huge opportunity, "It's the right time and right place for Java Embedded," he said, "Oracle is looking for partners who want to take advantage of this next wave in IT."

The Embedded space continues to heat up. Today, Cinterion launched the EHS5, an ultra compact, high-speed M2M communication module providing secure wireless connectivity for a wide variety of industrial applications. Last week, Oracle announced Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2, a complete client Java runtime Optimized for resource-constrained, connected, embedded systems, Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.2, Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.2, and Oracle Java Embedded Suite 7.0 for larger embedded devices. There is a huge opportunity in small things. 


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